What Magazines Do You Read?

Which of course, in my case includes those magazines that you get but never actually read.

I try to keep my magazine subscriptions to a decent, readable limit.  Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.  I still have about 4 months of back issues of Marie Claire.  And of course, some of my subscriptions won’t be getting renewed this time around.

I currently have subscriptions to the following:

  • Redbook (actually love it & read it cover to cover)
  • Marie Claire (rarely read it)
  • Weight Watchers (like the recipes)
  • Budget Travel (usually read it cover to cover)
  • Glamour (great fluff magazine, easy to read & great for traveling)
  • Pink (awesome business mag & I’m not just saying that because the blogged one of my articles)
  • Venus (does absolutely nothing for me since I’m not into indy-music or funky, indy-crafting – it sounded cool at the time)
  • Mac | Life (great mag for all things Mac & I usually read what pertains to me)

Then there are the husbands many subscriptions to music magazines, vintage guitar magazines, sound engineering magazines and his Photoshop magazines and whatever music industry ones he gets at work.  Yeah, it’s a bit much.  The good news, I tend to recycle my magazines at the local hospital.  So at least more than one person is getting something out of it.

What magazines do you read and why?  What do you subscribe to and don’t read (for me that’s Marie Claire and Venus)?

7 thoughts on “What Magazines Do You Read?

  1. Christine

    Real Simple
    Fine Cooking
    Cooking Light
    US Weekly

    I read them all.  I used to have a lot more, but I cut back significantly about a year ago.

  2. jax

    Interview – has awesome design and photography, plus great reviews on movies, books, fashion, art galleries, food… you name it. Recently had a redesign w/ new typography, looks really great! (God I’m such a geek)

    Also like Domino, the nest, Kiplingers, and Real Simple. I have a lot of past faves of mags that aren’t around anymore, like Sassy and Jane, Details, and Spin.

    jaxs last blog post..Wedding Warm-up

  3. Carrie S.

    Country Living: creative inspiration & decor ideas
    ME Home Companion: creative inspiration
    Domino: style inspiration & to visualize my product placement 😛
    Martha Stewart Living: I don’t know why anymore. Scott & I were talking about how we’re both really tired of it. It’s all about Martha. And I’m a little fed up.
    Knit: Fantasizing about being a fabulous knitter. And inspiration for when I am.
    Accessories Mag: trade publication

    Carrie S.s last blog post..There’s just too many UFO’s here.

  4. Tara

    I love Redbook!!!!! I also read Women’s Health regularly but right now it’s been a lot of wedding mags like Brides, Modern Bride, and bridal something or another. Figured I better subscribe while I can.

  5. Michelle

    When I’m feeling girly, I’ll go pick up In Style. I don’t subscribe to any, I just pick up whatever has something that interests me when I go to the store. Lately it’s been home-centric magazines, mostly decorating and remodeling, things like  Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, things like that. I’ve got a couple of issues of Real Simple and Domino floating around in there, and I recently picked up an issue of Cooking Light that had a big, yummy looking apple pancake on the cover.

    Michelles last blog post..They hand out shiny plaques for this sort of thing, right?

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