I’m a Sucker for Magazines

We’ve talked about this before, I’m a sucker for magazines.  The worst though is that winter holiday season.  You know, now.  I’m tempted by all the recipes and crafts, and all the gift and decorating ideas.  I just can’t seem to avoid it.  I’ll be innocently standing in line at the check out, and I just have to read the covers.

One of my grocery stores recently remodeled.  Today was the first time I’ve been back since the remodel, so I figured I’d walk around aisle by aisle (not like I don’t have 50 other things I need to get to today!).  I actually perused the magazine aisle.  I was intrigued by the Rachael Ray Holiday Special Edition.  But I used restraint and walked away.

That is until I saw it again at another part of the store.  This time I just shrugged and picked it up.  What can I say, it’s the holiday season.  I need ideas for food I can’t cook (since my inlaws don’t like to try new things) and gifts I’m not going to make.  It’s all in good fun?  At least it’s not like I’m impulse buying new shoes or purses, right?

So what about you, what’s your holiday season weakness?

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