Stupid Ireland Planning: And So it Continues

I’m so frustrated!  The travel agent shot me an email and it turns out the hotel in Killarney that I wanted is no longer available.  Well, I really don’t like any of the other options.  I really wanted something small, family run and walking distance to the pubs and nightlife.

I’m okay with that most of what we wanted wasn’t actually IN Killarney anyway.  And it was pretty expensive compared to the other cities.  As someone once said in a review…there’s a reason Rick Steves doesn’t mention Killarney in more than a couple of sentences.  Turns out it’s a pretty major, touristy sort of place.

And well, I’m not going on vacation to Ireland, land of the very hospitable and courteous, family run inns and B&Bs to stay in some highfalutin (my wording), luxury hotel to attend the spa and eat in the actual hotel.  Not quite are thing, so now I have to rethink everything.

I’m thinking either Cork and a B&B in Dingle or Kenmare and a B&B in Dingle.  Or something like that.  Then we’ll just do Jury’s Inn in Galway.  I’m just bummed that I have to do still more research.  There’s a reason I decided to use a travel agent…to save time and not have to do the research, but it turns out I’m still spending the time and doing the research.

So frustrating.  I’m a bit bummed. I’m sure it will all work out for the best, but still.  I  just wanted to vent.  Feel free to pass along any suggestions. I’m open to anything at this point.  Yikes, it’s only 6 weeks away!!!

Totally unrelated, I found out that one of my girl crushes, Samantha Brown has a new Passport show out.  How did I not know that?  More importantly, how did I not know she was here in LA not too long ago and has also recently been to Santa Fe (drinking margaritas, eating enchiladas with green chile and hanging out at my all time favorite spa..ever!)  How do I miss these things?

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