His Mis-Spent Youth is Costing Me

I seriously think the little bugger has eaten enough wires when he was a puppy (killed at least two lamps that I can recall) that his new no-bark collar just isn’t strong enough.


He’s not barking as much or as loud, or as crazy, but dammit, he’s still barking.  And barking for stretches.  And the thing works, I tested it to be sure.  Plus, you can tell when it’s hit the max charge in his succession of barks because he’ll stop and take some breaths.

Crazy dog.  Who knew that all that wire chewing would make him immune to the collar.  Come on, look how tiny he was.  He could barely even reach the futon standing on his back legs.

Mind you, to get a bigger charge, I have to get a much more expensive collar and it’s not like I can return this one.

The things we do for peace in this house…

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