I’m Getting a New Stove!!!

Such excitement here in LA Blogger Gal land.  We’ve been without a working oven since the spring.  And yes, our landlord has known.  And no, he didn’t put it off until now.

You see, we have no air conditioning here in our apartment (we use a wall unit in the living room which ONLY reaches the living room) and a gas stove.  So needless to say, from about late April until mid-October, it can get hot here in LA and even hotter in our apartment (even with the AC we’re typically in the mid-80’s inside).  So hot, that even boiling water raises the temperature in the kitchen a good 5-10 degrees causing me to sweat while cooking – yummy!  So really, there was no rush for the landlord to bring in the new stove (and we told him as much back in the spring).

But now…the weather is cooling.  Mind you, we still have some hot days ahead of us, without a doubt.  But as it stands now, the days have been very pleasant and the evenings downright cool.  So happy days are here again, and I get a new (not brand new, the landlords’ old one which is probably a good 10+ years newer than our last one – and not that crazy gold color) stove.

I think tonight we’ll be having something that requires being baked.  Pizza maybe?  And later this week(or maybe even today since I’ll have to go to the store to buy a pizza)  I’ll be making some muffins in celebration.  Woohoo!!

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