I’m So Ready for Fall

Real fall or at least the sort of fall that we get here in LA. I’ve my crave-able pumpkin spice lattes twice now and well, 1) they’re just not as enjoyable when it’s 80 degrees out and 2) they just don’t seem to taste quite as good as I remember.

But the real reason I’m waiting for fall is that we still have clothes to buy for Ireland (the hubs has NOTHING short of a couple long-sleeve tees to wear). So of course, now that I need those sweaters and warmer attire, nothing is hitting the stores. Which is odd. I remember wearing a sweater to school that first day back because it was new (only to die from the heat of Indian Summer in Jersey), yet short of ordering online, I can’t seem to find sweaters anywhere. What’s up with that?

And when are all the cool scarves, hats and gloves going to hit the stores? Even online there’s just not much available. So we rush the holidays (yes, Halloween stuff is already up), but we stopped rushing the winter clothes? Well that’s just not acceptable. Give me my thermals and cashmere scarves now please! Or at least over the next couple of weeks so I can consider ourselves ready for Ireland already.

On that note, I will be shooting out last minute confirmations to our B&Bs and Ireland will be officially and finally booked! Hell yeah!

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