As for Ireland, we are booked!!! Finally!

It was hard as hell finding a place both in Kinsale & Dingle (both are smallish towns) since it turns out many smaller, family-run inns and B&Bs close down in November.  So basically, it was pretty much just as difficult for us to book rooms in November as it would have been do book rooms in the middle of the tourist season in the summer.  Go figure.

Interestingly enough, in Dingle as it stands right now, it’s just us and the owner. Now that should be interesting. I guess the good news is that if we’re the only guests, we might be able to get breakfast served later since we’re such late sleepers 😉

I’ll assume that since Galway is a college town, it wasn’t nearly as difficult to book our rooms.  But even then, I only had two places two chose from (I went with the 4 star location over the 3 star since there was only a $20USD difference for the night).

So now the travel agent just needs to confirm Dublin and Belfast, neither of which are small hotels, so I don’t forsee any challenges. That puts us in three B&Bs in the smaller towns and two nice hotels in the city. And lucky for the hubs, he gets WiFi in all locations so he can keep tabs on all the post-election coverage.  Won’t he be excited?

All I need now is for the winter clothes to start showing up in the stores and all is good.  Such a relief.  Now I can just focus on worrying about my dad,  his stopping heart and the pacemaker surgery on Monday…as if that’s not enough.

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