Uh…What Was I Doing Again?

Man, this stuff with my dad seems to really have affected me. On the one hand, I’m fine and going about my business as usual.  On the other hand, I can’t seem to stay focused on any one thing long enough to even remember what it is I was doing in the first place.  Not fun.

He had his pacemaker install (ha!) earlier today.  I called a bit ago to speak with his nurse and they said that he’s doing fine and was eating lunch now.  Can I just say that I’m surprised?  I mean, I know they say it’s an easy surgery (as far as surgeries go, anyway), but I didn’t expect him to be fine mere hours later.  But I am glad to know that he’s doing well.  That will hopefully take a huge weight off and let me get focused again (though it doesn’t seem to be having that affect just yet).

And can I just say as a totally unrelated sidenote here…soy creamer tastes just as crappy as soy milk.  Why do I even bother with this crap?  It totally ruins the taste of my tea.  No more.

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