Talk About a Stupid Mistake

So yesterday I went to the grocery store to pick up some veggies for my caccitori and to pick up some meat for dinners this week.  When I got home, I immediately went to town chopping the veggies since the chicken had been in the crockpot for a bit already.

Turns out I totally forgot about putting the meat away until I went looking in the bag for the tomato.  So basically, my raw chicken and my pork had been without refrigeration for about 4 hours.  It was still quite cold, but I’m assuming I need to throw it away, right?  This is right up there with the don’t thaw the meat on the counter, right? (which, I should mention…I do fairly regularly).

So toss it?

2 thoughts on “Talk About a Stupid Mistake

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks Sarah, that’s kind of what I figured.  I headed out to TJ’s and picked up some new meat for dinner instead.  Made some pork chops with a balsamic reduction…go me!

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