Photos from the Monk Institute’s BB King Tribute @ the Kodak

I’m too lazy to write up a post.  Just know that it was a great show.  I loved Bono, Edge & BB rocking out to When Love Comes to Town.  Check it out here on YouTube (wow, those kids in the rafters sure sang along a lot more up than we did on the floor).

And now, some photos – all photos are clickable to get to larger sizes. And there are more in my flickr. Just remember, this is the first time we’ve taken the new camera out to play so a couple of pictures aren’t that great…

Bono & Edge at BB King Tribute @ the Kodak 10/26/08

Bono @ the Kodak 10/26/08

Bono Bows to BB - When Love Comes to Town

Check out BB King

Bono & BB King @ the Kodak 10/26/08

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