Sending Out My Very First Press Release

Okay, we’re in the final stages now.  The giveaway schedule is set.  The first 21 days worth of are personalized for each giveawy.  The weekly blog posts are written up for those first 21 days.  First thing tomorrow I send out the press release.  My very first.

Thankfully, I have a friend that’s quite good at writing them up, so she took all the info and put it in the right format.  Now I just have to send it out.  I read on HARO about an agency called PR for $25 where you can put your press release in front of a folks for $25.  Sounds like it might be just the thing.

All that leaves now if for me to upload all the contest info so it’s ready to go live.  And from there, c’est fine! I might actually have a few days to chill out before the trip.  Which will be great for my jaw considering just how much I’ve been clenching lately.

Let me just say *whew*


Press Release: Constant Chatter announces their biggest contest ever: 50 Days of Giving


UPDATE 11/4/08:  I decided to stick with the list of 20+ Free Press Release sites from  It’s an old list and not completely up to date, some are defunct, others are no longer free.  But it works.

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