‘Tis the Season For Holiday Parties

I never really got to experience the mythical Holiday Office Party.  When I was a young’un, I worked in retail and well, that’s the busiest time of the year so no holiday party for you!  When I was a teacher, the official holiday party was held during the school day, in the library – not the most exciting, I assure you.  As a therapist, well, that’s pretty solo-oriented, though our boss did take us out for a holiday lunch each year.  Then when I worked as a behavior therapist here in LA, our owner hosted a totally lame, mid-day party one year and nothing the second year (we the staff arranged a pot luck ourselves – and then the wife pitched a fit because we didn’t invite her…whatever!)

Since I left that last job, I’ve been working on my own from home (I hear some folks call that freelancing – LOL).  I belong to a couple organizations, so I always had a few chick-focused parties to attend without the hubby.  But still, I never really got to attend a real live office party.  This year, seven years with my husband, I’m finally invited to his office party.  It’s at the Roosevelt and totally classy. I’m so excited.

Yeah, too bad he decided the other night that we’re not going this year afterall *grr*

He’s shooting the Los Lobos show and can’t attend both the party and the show.  So of course, since Los Lobos is one my husband’s favorite bands (and one of my least favorite live concert experiences EVER – that I will never repeat, no matter how much you pay me) he’s decided that my very first office party (at.the.Roosevelt.) just isn’t as important as shooting the show.

Now instead, I get to sit at home, eat frozen food (or delivery) and entertain myself.  Talk about lame!  At least we got to go to the New West Records party last night.  I must say, it was quite cool.  Much cooler than some recording studio party we went to a few years back.  They’ve got this great space, kind of a cross between a loft and a garage and they really went out.  We had delicious wine and passed hor d’oeurves (no Hooters wings at this place – I told you that recording studio party from a few years back was lame!).  Of course, passed hor d’oeurves does not a dinner make, so we headed on over to Kate Mandililni’s for dinner afterwards.  Overall, it was a fun evening with the husband.  Especially knowing that it would be our only holiday party together this year.

So tell me, what is this mythical holiday office party really like?  Is it as cool as they make it look in movies?  Or am I really not missing anything afterall?

5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season For Holiday Parties

  1. surfergrrl

    OH NO! That’s too bad you aren’t going. My last company had their two last holiday parties at the Roosevelt. They were really fun parties. Sadly, I have no office Christmas party to go to either as I’m “freelancing,” i.e., waiting for someone to call me for a project, as well. 🙂

    surfergrrls last blog post..Well that was kind of lame.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Hi Brandy!!  Thanks for stopping by.  So no holiday office party for you  either then.  Being a WAH can sometimes be a pain in the ass and a tad lonely.  Most of the time, I really enjoy it though.

    Miss A – that’s the hubs…he’s not one for socializing with work folks outside of work.  His Los Lobos photos are quite good though.  And he really enjoyed the show (and I caught up on two netflix movies that I’ve had lying about for over a month now).

    Suffergrrl – I’ve been to the Roosevelt for two functions (same function, two years in a row) and it was lovely.  I just happen to love that building and all it’s art deco glory.  Freelancing is fun, no? LOL

  3. Riayn

    The coolness of the office party really depends on the office itself.  Sometimes they are cool, but mostly they aren’t.  You usually stand around trying to find things to talk about with people who you have nothing in common with other than you all work in the same office.

    Riayns last blog post..Getting ready to get WiiFit

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