It’s Christmas Eve and I Just Got Back From the Grocery Store

And yes, it was pure insanity.  Luckily, I prepared myself for the grumpy crowds and just soared above in my bliss.  Well okay, it might not have been bliss per se, but it was definitely not bah humbuggedness.  I often wonder who is crazy enough to do their holiday food shopping the day before.  Now I know, frantic people who buy up all the bread, lots of soda and alcohol and like to bump into people.

Yeah, yeah, I know I was there too.  The difference being, I knew I’d be there since I just kept putting off figuring out what I wanted to make for our Christmas contribution.  Of course, it doesn’t help that as of Monday the in-laws still hadn’t decided who was hosting Christmas or what time it would be, let alone what everyone should bring.  It also doesn’t help that I can’t have fun cooking and baking for the in-laws – if they don’t recognize it, they won’t eat it.

So once agian I’ll be making the cornbread casserole, along with a salad with “recognizable” lettuce and salad dressing (who knew greens with gorganzola, sugared pecans and cranberries with a cranberry vinagrette would be too strange *sigh*) and a tres leches cake.  I also picked up a spinach dip and some spreadable cheese for some appies (or for the hubs and I at home if it turns out to be too weird like the baked brie…again, *sigh*).  I also picked up some shrimp for he hubs and I to nibble on once the family gig is over and we’re home.

Tomorrow will be quite mellow for Case de LA Blogger Gal.  Since we had our Ireland trip last month, we won’t be exchanging any gifts here at home.  My dearest friend, who I typically “celebrate” Christmas with (across the miles as she’s still in NM) didn’t manage to get her gifts out this year yet, so nothing from her.  And we excanged gifts with our other good friend last night.  So we’ll just be chilling out tomorrow before heading over to the in-laws where we’ll get a gift or two to open.  Then back home to just hang out…oooh, we can have our shrimp with some proseco I’ve got chilled (or with some Jameson and Gingerale) while watching season 3 of Weeds.  Sounds like a plan!

And now, I guess it’s about time to wrap the gifts.  I think I’m going to follow Katelin’s brilliant suggestion and pop Love Actually into the DVD player.  What better movie to wrap to!

Wishing you all a happy & safe holiday!!

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