Stuff Like This Totally Makes Me Cry

I’m often moved by the plight of homelessness. More often than not though, I’m not really prompted to DO something. I give on the freeway off ramps when I can – water, money, food. I always smile to let the folks know that they’re not invisible. I donate our food to local foodbanks (which reminds me that I really should go through our cupboards already).

But whenever I see an indigent person with a dog, it just breaks my heart. So much so that I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping dog food samples (from my local pet shop) in the glove box so that I can hand them out. This picture, and the caption, just brings me to tears.

funny dog pictures

Excuse me, I must go love my boys and feed them a couple of cookies right now.

2 thoughts on “Stuff Like This Totally Makes Me Cry

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    I’m such a sucker for stuff like this. I’m constantly telling my husband…give that guy a dollar. Luckily, he loves me (and has been known to hand over all the change in his pocket) so he obliges.

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