All This For $3.00!!!

Seriously. Everything you see cost only $3.26. This same stash would cost about $15 or $20 at my local farmer’s market.

Those bananas there…$1.07! That head of romaine…only $.69! Romaine cost me about $1.50 at the farmer’s market (usually for a smaller bunch) and $1.99 or so at the grocery store. That orange pepper…usually $3 or so a pound (why orange cost more than red or green I just don’t know). I paid $.79!

The only drawback is that it’s not organic, whereas nearly everything at the farmer’s market is. But to be honest, I rarely buy organic fruits & veggies at the grocery store because it never looks this good.

Looks like I found a new place to buy my groceries. And don’t worry, I’m still only buying what’s in season and grown here in the US. Next time though, I’m picking up a jar of that dark chocolate peanut butter that just sounds insanely good!

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