The Unexpected Happens

Unexpected / Inesperado
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A week or so ago I asked you how many impossible things you’ve been believing each day.  Well, as you know, I’ve been working on those positive thoughts and affirmations.  Opening myself up to the unexpected, I’ve had some pretty amazing things come into my life…both unexpected and quite wonderful.

  • An old boss co-worker ex-boyrfriend friend that I haven’t heard from in about 20 years just contacted me through Facebook the other night.  While I’ve been connecting with quite a few friends and co-workers from my past, this was one of those rare, unexpected and wonderful lost connections that I’m so happy to have found again (right up there with finding my college roomie after all these years).
  • I’ve had three clients contact me out of the blue.  I haven’t even been focusing on attracting any new clients.  So a very pleasant and welcome surprise.
  • I was contacted out of the blue to host yet another name-brand contest on my site (it will go live in early March) which conveniently fills a space that I was going to have to look to fill come Monday.
  • I realized that once I start looking to approach companies for sponsorship, I have one helluva history/client-base that I can point back to and killer demographics.  This is going to be fun!
  • I already mentioned the misplaced business founds that were reimbursed by the bank a week or so ago.
  • Today while shredding papers, I found $3!  Granted, it’s not $3000, but it’s still $3 that I didn’t have before and it was still very unexpected and very much appreciated.

It’s amazing what can enter into you life when you open yourself up to the unexpected.  While it might not seem like all too much, it shows that the Universe is listening and we’re co-creating.  Either way, I’m grateful, tickled and excited…and that’s what matters here.

So I ask…What wonderful and unexpected things can you welcome into your life? And again, what seemingly impossible thing have you believed today?

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