I Feel Even More Fashion Challenged Than Before

I had my first virtual styling session yesterday. It was pretty cool. First I had to send over the photos I mentioned the other day. Then we had to open a Skype video chat. Messing with the lighting was a little tough, but I think I got it right.

Thing is, I really do feel more fashion challenged than when I went in. When I started, I was under the assumption that I was doing it all wrong and had totally NO sense of style. Yet I was complemented on my photos and my overall “casual” style across the pictures. I was even told that I looked better than I had the last time we saw each other (which translated to that last outfit as having been horribly unflattering). Not exactly what I was expecting.

I was also told that Ill be needing some new shoes (she hated ALL my shoes with the exception of my casual, non-sneaker, Privos – I think just because they’re not actually sneakers) and basically all of my purses. I was actually told that I’m too young (and too sassy and funny) for the Coach bag look. So I guess I’ll be heading out for a new purse after all.

There’s still much more ahead. Purging, dying, cutting, and shopping, oh my! But I think my end assignment will be to learn how to take my “casual” wardrobe and step it up a notch. You know, get more comfortable wearing dresses and makeup on an every day sort of scale. I need to learn how to get dressed using my entire closet, not just a portion of my closet. Not really having an “I-can’t-wear-this-I-just-work-from-home” category, so to speak.

I’m not so sure I’m ready for all of this. Let me just say, it’s all some scary shit if you ask me.

7 thoughts on “I Feel Even More Fashion Challenged Than Before

  1. brie

    When it comes to working at home, I find that I feel more “professional” if I dress up a little. Nothing major, but not my bumming around clothes. Even putting on a little lipstick makes me feel like I’m doing something (besides sitting at my computer in my house). It’s totally psychological, but it seems to make a difference—especially during phone meetings/teleconfrencing.

    And, as you know, I’m the writer and presenter of “Beauty Boot Camp for Teens” so you know I know what I’m talkin’ ’bout 🙂

  2. emma

    This all sounds like so much fun (if a little humbling too)! I need someone to do this for me (knowing that if I ever did, I’d be a blubbering mess on the floor, unable to let go of any of the 700 faded tank tops I own)…

    Can’t wait to see the before and after :)!

    emmas last blog post..Romance with Robitussin

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    Seriously? Your one of those?!?!? I was in my PJs today until I left the house at 2:00. Sad, I know. Maybe I need to teach a “boot camp” – LOL.

    I think the only time I wore lipstick while working at home was when I was trying out new, replacement lipsticks and wanted to see how long they lasted and how they felt.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    It is quite humbling. I can only imagine what this might be like if we were face to face, in front of my closet. She really, really, will want me to get rid of my “workout” (ha!) clothes. I think I might be better off just pretending that I don’t have any 😉

  5. LA Blogger Gal

    You know, the more I think of it, the less I think that I’m really a “shopper.” I guess I could muster up a little enthusiasm knowing that in the end, I’ll be looking better (and I’m sure, feeling better). The ditching of the Coach bags I think will hurt me most. Have you been in their store lately…they’ve got some cute, cute stuff.

  6. brie

    Funny thing related to what I wrote…

    I had a phone interview last week, so I got up earlier and was nearly done my routine when the phone rang – half an hour early. I had one of my eyes lined and was still in my bathrobe. So, maybe I’m not totally “one of those” completely. Just half. Ha!

    bries last blog post..The Earth rocks!

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