Whale Watching in Marina del Rey

June Gloom finally lifted today. So having the first beautiful day of June, I demanded (no really, I did indeed demand) that we head out to Marina del Rey to visit the breached whale that’s visiting.

He’s on his way north to Alaska and has decided to take a bit of a break, call it a vacation, if you will here in LA. He’s been there for a couple weeks now, just hanging about. The authorities aren’t too worried as he appears to be in good health and is quite playful. Though they are concerned with just how close some of the boats have been getting.

I only took a few pictures because I realized early on that 1) I can’t see a damn thing on my screen in the bright sun so I don’t know what I’m even pointing at and more importantly, 2) whales aren’t easy to photograph – they move around, they’re always in a different spot and well, they’re not on the surface for too long. So only the bottom two photos actually caught the slightest glimpse of the little guy.

It was a fun day though. And once again, while I remembered to sunscreen my face and decolletage, I left my arms and neck untouched. And um, yeah…sunburn. Go figure.





2 thoughts on “Whale Watching in Marina del Rey

  1. emma

    I had no idea a whale was visiting us – how fun. Though I do hope he/she doesn’t get harassed by the lookie-loos needing an extreme close-up for their iPhone wallpaper.

    Sounds like a great day. I too forget to put suntan lotion on all the right places, and end up with the oddest tan lines all summer long.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    He’s been here a couple weeks now. One local said that last week he spent a lot of time on the surface just sunning himself. Yesterday, he was just floating about and surfacing from time to time.

    The hubs got a couple good shots – one in particular where he was blowing, but they’re too big for me to load and well, I’m just too lazy to edit – LOL

    You should try to stop by and see him next weekend if he’s still in town. It’s a fun time to be hanging out on the jetty with so many people. And just like with fireworks, every time he surfaced there were oohs and ahhs from everyone.

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