So This is What Cows Smell Like


So today we’re hanging out in Fresno for a business meeting.  Or I should say, the pups and I are hanging out at the local hotel and the hubs is having a business meeting.  Sadly, I didn’t do all too much research into this hotel.  Let me just say, I never thought anyone would ever put a hotel quite so close to a cow factory farm.  Luckily, the windows are all sealed up and all is good

I used to see clients out in Tulare, you’d think I’d remember what cows smell like. And well, let me just say, it’s not the most pleasant aroma around.  And it’s even worse still when you add in the crazy heat of the Central Valley.  Cow farm scent + 100+ degrees heat and yowza!  I have to say, I do get a kick out of the dog perking up his lazy, little head at every farm we passed along the way.

So now I’m sitting her in my room service-less room waiting on my dinner delivery.  You’d think with this being a college town and the 10 or so fast food restaurants right outside, I’d have more choices for  delivery.  Nope.  If I didn’t have the pupster with me, I wouldn’t worry and would just walk to something.  But I can’t leave him alone in the room and I don’t want to walk him out there.  So here I wait for my delivery while watching bad, Friday TV.

Lucky for me, I was smart enough to pack some bubbles for a bath later and some Smirnoff cooler thingies.  Might not be such a bad trip…I mean, we have nice, chilly AC.  And that alone is an improvement over staying back in the LA area.

It makes me wonder…do you travel for business?  What do you do or bring with you, to make your hotel stay more enjoyable?

2 thoughts on “So This is What Cows Smell Like

  1. emma

    I do travel for business, but I don’t take anything special with me. I never check my luggage, so I don’t take up room with niceties. Besides, as long as the hotel has a firm bed, lots of plugs and nice shampoo, etc., I’m good.

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