It’s Mid-Terms Week Here in LA Blogger Gal Land

Let’s start with the obvious…I haven’t yet written up my review of the U2 show. I have a video to upload (complete with Collin Farrell sighting), but I you know how crazy long it takes for upload into YouTube. I’ll get around to it.

The second and somewhat obvious…man it’s cold here! Mind you, when Southern Californians say it’s “cold” it means it’s dipped into the mid 60’s or so during the day and the chilly 50’s at night. We’re crazy like that, I know. But we’ve actually had to turn the heat on these past couple nights and pull out the comforter. Next up, sweaters. Woohoo! My friends back in NM and CO are experiencing snow. Lucky them.

I gave my first mid-term (I think my first mid-term ever) this week. Overall, the kids did great. Since we’re a computer class, they basically just had to copy and format a document from scratch including uploading and sizing an image. It sounds easy I know, but it took them the full hour and a half to get it done. But they did it and did it well. Which means they got it and that feels good.

Next week we’re working on searching the web for info. So if you can think of any wacky or relevant things that the kids can search for in their scavenger hunt, feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section. I figure it’s a fun way to learn how to use the Internet beyond just Facebook and email.

Today I had them search for all sorts of discounts that they can get with their student ID. They were thrilled when they got to the page that talked about the restaurants that give discounts locally. Then they got even more excited when they realized that they can get travel discounts as well.

Like my TA pointed out, you really do forget that sometimes the stuff you know, isn’t the same sort of stuff that someone else might know. I mean it seems so obvious to us, yet so many people still have no idea about so many of the useful things you can find on the web.

And totally unrelated, as I sit here watching Ghost Whisperer while typing this out…why would they put JLH in such a beautiful grey backless dress if they’re just going to show her purple bra. It just looks tacky as all get out.

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  1. AJ

    Hmmmm… You know, I was just talking 2 someone 2day about how kids these days (saying that makes me feel OLD) have a very poor knowledge of geography and even history. Maybe have them search for something like that? Or have them complete some kind of fun geography game and their score would be one of the scavenger hunt finds…

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