Time Sure Has Flown By

I’d start with an apology, but really, that’s just lame. So let’s not even dwell on the fact that I haven’t wandered into this blog (or any of my blogs for that matter), in a couple weeks now.  But I can’t help but wonder where the hell did March go?  Or more importantly, where did the entire winter semester go?

I had the semester off, so for the most part I spent it working on my business.  I’ve had some teaching gigs, a goodly amount of client consults, speaking engagements and even one-on-one client VIP packages to work with.  So I guess, when you actually get down to it, I’ve been quite busy.  I’ve even designed a couple new products that I’m in the process of finishing up before I get serious about launching.

Alas though, today I had to start focusing on teaching again. I sat down today and started working in the syllabus.  Nothing like putting it off until the last minute, I know.  Thing is, that syllabus is one of the many things I’d planned to work on last week while I was home alone and the hubs was in Austin for SXSW.

Too bad I caught some crazy cough and was totally and completely useless.  I basically spent the entire week like a bump on a log watching really bad (and some not so bad) movies on TV.  Times like that makes me regret that we don’t have premium cable channels.

The good news, I finished reading The Help and have to say…I think it’s the best book I’ve read in a long time.  This is the first time in a long time that we read a current book – meaning, it’s a book that many are reading at the same time.  Typically, we focus on older books that we can easily pick up used or at the local library.  It was nice to read something that so many others have also read.  And like I said, I thought it was a great read – good story with characters you enjoyed reading.

On that note, I’m just going to take a moment and kind of hang around in the whole “I can’t believe that school starts up again next week” world.  I don’t feel like I’ve had enough time off.  What I wouldn’t do for just one more month off.  But hey, my syllabus is finally written, so I’m more than ready to get going.

How is your March coming along?  Are you ready for Spring?

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