Hanging Out at the Game With the Gang From Carls Jr.


I haven’t been to a hockey game in a long, long, long time – no really, last game I went to, I was still living in Atlanta.  So when I was asked if I wanted to watch the game from the Carl’s Jr suite this past Saturday night, you just know I had to say yes! So I called up one of my friends (and a HUGE hockey fan) and asked if she’d be up for watching the game from the suite.

Hello…we got to hang out with the Carl’s Jr. Star!


I cropped this photo, but just to the left, in the next suite over, you should see all the pointing and funny looks we were all getting from wearing our Slankets and hanging out with a giant, walking star.  And we all had to pose with our good friend…in our Slankets.  Now I have been lucky enough to hang out with Mr. Star twice now.


In the end, it turns out my friend would have more than likely been watching the game from another suite that night anyway, but we of course, had a MUCH better time. in our suite  And we got some fun swag.

Of course, since I left my sickly husband back at home, I made sure to pick up a coupon or two for him.  What can I say, I’m that kind of wife…you know, the kind that didn’t even think to invite him along. 😉


It might have been very boring game (and it was), but we had one helluva good time laughing and having fun.  Thanks to everyone at Carl’s Jr.

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