Mark Bittman’s TED Talk: What’s Wrong With What We Eat

I have a love/hate relationship with Mark Bittman.  I think he’s a cool enough guy.  I enjoy reading his blog in the NY Times.  I use his How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food cookbook when I need quickie steps on how to cook something correctly (like tonight’s tomorrow’s zucchini).

But sometimes he just rubs me the wrong way (as he often did during the PBS On the Road Again-Spain…A Culinary Road Trip).  Or how the basics he might keep in his kitchen are totally and completely different than what many of us normal folks might keep in our kitchens (as illustrated here in this ’07 article, Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less).

That said…

This is another great TED Talk about everything that’s wrong with what we eat.

And let me just say, as a plus-sized, overweight adult (who has dieted for as long as I can remember), I completely agree that we have to change the way we eat and weight loss surgery isn’t the answer.*

* I’m going on at least 2 weeks without soda and nearly a month without any artificial sweeteners.  Yay!

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