Living the Tranquilista Lifestyle: Week 1 C’est Finé!

WORK: For the first week this has been an odd one for me.  As I mentioned previously, my husband was home sick all of last week.  So I got a slow start.  Also, I didn’t do as much work as I might otherwise do on a regular week.  Then the latter half of our first week, I was spent prepping for my first week back on campus – tweaking the syllabus, coordinating the emails for the class (they’re an intellectually & developmentally disabled bunch of young adults), figuring out how to work around the class with my errands, etc.  So I didn’t have all too much time to get anything firm going.  I like the idea of limiting my email access, so I think next week I’m going to focus on culling that down to only a couple times a day – not easy when you live online.

Which of course means, there wasn’t so much mindfulness going on while I was working.  As I mentioned in a blog post, what I have been totally aware of are the many sights and sounds that have been going on.  While I wouldn’t want them to come much closer, I love hearing the coyotes howling while I’m drifting off to sleep during the full moons.  And nothing beats the scent of orange blossoms on the air every time I step outside.  Amazing.  I did remember to take time and practice my breath work.  In fact, I’ve come to realize that it’s a lovely way to fall asleep.

Time to Get Creative!

PLAY: I did manage to meditate a couple times during the week.  I also journaled once I got around to picking up the book.  Funny enough, in four days, I think I’ve been to Michael’s three times and the stationary store once!  Who knew you could spend $20 on a rainbow of Le Pens (my fave colored pens since my teenage years).  Today I picked up some stamps and had a little fun with that after my post-teaching nap (hope to have photos on my blog shortly).

journal page_stamp

The journaling process is a little tougher than I thought it would be.  Even though I’ve been blogging now for more than five years, I’m kinda used to writing for someone to read.  Not writing for my own sake.  So this is the first time in a long time (probably middle school) that I’m writing for me.  Writing to process what’s in my head and to get it out and acknowledge it.  So I think it might take a bit longer for me to get going with that.

I’d have to say, my biggest challenge thus far has been the yoga aspect.  I took a yoga course at the community center about 10 years ago, but I never really got into it.  I’ve also taken the occasional class to try to get back into it – you know everyone says it’s supposed to be SO good for you.  But I couldn’t seem to get into my own practice (even though I have my own mat, my own CDs and quite a few audios).  I have found two gentle classes that  I’m going to try out later in the week.  Maybe if I can just learn some of the basic moves (again), I can start a late afternoon practice.

Something I did get out of this whole first week is a kind of self-awareness.  I’ve noticed this past week that I easily recognize when I’m frustrated or angry (LA traffic can do that to the sanest of gals) as well as when I’m tired.  But the other thing I noticed after rereading the Tranquilista chapter, is that I seem to have the tendencies to get caught up in the *why* of not being able to do something.  Like the morning ritual. I was really fighting myself thinking I had to do EVERYTHING – meditate, drink my tea, journal, affirmations, breathe work, yoga, you name it.  What I realized, is that I just need to find the time and the space to sit with myself for a moment or two and set some intentions. And well, that I can do.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week.

3 thoughts on “Living the Tranquilista Lifestyle: Week 1 C’est Finé!

  1. melita

    i love your visual journal! very creative & fun! i’m having a great time with the tranquilista e-course. looking forward to more… 😉 hugs!!
    .-= melita´s last blog ..visual journal =-.

  2. Carrie

    Where did you get your stamps??? I LOVE them, and the letters look so nice and big. Mine are all cute and little, but I've been looking for larger ones.

    Le Pens are the BEST too, aren't they?!

  3. Katy Tafoya

    Le Pens are the BEST! As for the stamps, I got them at Michael's. They're clear and sit on an acrylic stamp thingie. I used a coupon to by the stamp thingie, and the stamps themselves were on clearance. One pack was a set of letters, the other was a set of words.

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