Living theTranquilista Lifestyle: Entrepreneurial Musings

I’m not even exactly sure where to begin with this.  I’ve still been participating in the Tranquilista Lifestyle e-course and I’m still getting tons out of it.  I’m just not quite participating as fully as I’d hoped I would.  It seems that for me, it’s bringing up a lot of stuff that I need to deal with (which I asked for help with way back a couple months ago with one of my VPAs that I wrote).  So I’m not exactly being nearly as creative as I’d hoped.

I’ll be honest, I’m not doing daily journaling (written or artistic) and I haven’t yet gotten around to creating a daily ritual.  Though i will say that I can finally (after a thorough conversation with a good friend), see the benefits in having a ritual and the need to turn inward from time to time.  Like I said, I’m getting tons out of it, it just seems to be manifesting a little differently for me.

This week though, is all about entrepreneurialism (if you could only see my fingers trip over that one!).  Our main focus this week is on creating a brand, or well, I guess even some thoughts around the brand.  Basically, to play with your business a little.

So following some of Kimberly’s advice, I decided to look within and make a list of all the “jobs” I do from day to day.  In many cases, that means ALL the jobs – mother, wife, and business woman – and break them down into tasks.  Well, I haven’t gotten really specific yet, but all I can say is WOW!  I often wondered just where my day went and why I often felt like I didn’t get much done and now I know.

For starters…

HOME: wife, friend, cleaning lady, maintenance crew, cook, laundress, liaison, dishwasher, menu planner, dog walker, pet groomer, secretary, event planner, personal shopper, real estate agent and all around Girl Friday.

WORK: treasurer, book keeper, web administrator, graphic designer (man am I horrible at this job), writer, mail room gal, receptionist, marketing department, personal shopper/Girl Friday, inventory management, event planner, team trainer, cleaning staff, PR consultant and so much more that didn’t leap right out at me.

Which brings me back, full circle to the need for creating a schedule and insisting on a morning “me” ritual of sorts.  Times like this (and like so many others), I’m in awe of moms and how they’re able to balance so much of their life.

So yeah, I might not have necessarily embraced my inner artiste head on, I am so thrilled with all I’m learning with this course.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week as we dig deeper into our entrepreneurial lives.

Photo credit: Terry Buchanan

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