Fabulous Friday Finds #005

I noticed a bit of a theme when putting together this week’s Fab Finds.  All but one of them involve creativity with a focus on writing.  The lone one that doesn’t is just there because it’s fun and quite silly.

Stupid FightThis is the silly one.  If you spend any amount of time on  Twitter (and who doesn’t) I’m sure you’ve either seen this already or will get a big kick out of it.  Basically, you compare two Twitter users to see which one has smarter followers than the other.  I have a personal account and a business account, one has real people having real conversations and the other seems to be over-run with automated accounts (damn those internet marketers that think the mere mention of “business” means they should add you).  So of course, I wasn’t surprised to find that the account riddled with automated accounts was marginally stupider (it’s killing me to have that there, so let’s just say “more stupid”).  The only catch, you have to know the person’s Twitter username to get it to work.  Have fun!

Google Search StoriesI’m sure by now you’ve seen the Parisian Love commercial.  You know the one…the guy searches for study abroad opportunities in Paris, then, translations, then churches, then instructions on how to put together a baby crib.  Too adorably sweet, if you ask me. Well, Google has now set it up so you can create your own search stories.  You can pick the search terms, the kind of searches, the music, etc.  If the Google folks like it, they’ll leave it up on the site as a sample (I like the pothole one myself).  This could be something fun to add to your own website or blog.

OmmWriter If you ever need to sit down and focus on writing without any sort of distractions, then this tool is for you.  Ommwriter takes over your Mac so that the only thing you see is the blank, zen, text-only word processing screen.  You can chose your background and your accompanying soundtrack (I like the birds myself), and then tune out everything else on your computer and write.  I use this tool when I have to write articles or something where I don’t want to be distracted by my email or other little annoyances (Facebook and Twitter, I’m talking to YOU!). And unlike many other simple word processing programs out there, this one is free. Sadly, this amazing tool is only available for Macs.  There’s talk that they might create something for Windows as well, but there’s no launch date being tossed around.

Wordspace and Writer’s Boot CampBoth of these great writing spaces are local to Los Angeles.  Both offer some great networking and creative opportunities for writers.  The cool thing, between them both, you’ll be covered no matter what time of writing you do. If you’re a writer (or wanna-be-writer), this can be a fun way to get focused, hone your craft, and network amongst your peers.  No more toiling it alone at home or your local coffee shop.  Sounds like fun to me!

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