Sassy City Chicks L.A. Fashion Bash

Earlier this week I was invited to attend the Sassy City Chicks LA Fashion Bash (did you win a pair from my giveaway?) at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Whew, what a mouthful that is!  But oh, it is so worth it!

This was actually my first visit to the Peterson.  I wish I’d taken a moment and walked around the museum floor a bit more.  Did you know they have a Hot Wheels hall of fame?  I had other obligations and just wasn’t able to commit to a longer visit this time around (hello, I had some shopping to do!).  Maybe next time.

Basically, SCC is a shopping Lalapalooza for women.  There are racks and racks of clothes and accessories for deeply discounted prices. In some cases, the designers are there (met a lovely purse designer), in other cases, you just get the killer deals.  I manged to walk away with only a little damage: two cocktail rings and gorgeous Swarovski crystal sterling chain.

This particular LA event was co-sponsored by Chevy and I was lucky enough to be invited by Chevy to attend as a VIP. This got me early access to the Chevy Lounge and some personal time with the new cars along with some live music and a post-drive chair massage. The coolest part, this time around, I was able to actually drive both the new Malibu and the Equinox Crossover.

Now I’ve been lucky enough to ride in both of these cars recently for the Best of Tours/ CraveLA event when I participated in the Best of Women Owned Businesses in Los Angeles.But this is the first time I got to drive…both vehicles!  And both are quite cool for different reasons –  I love the pick up in the Malibu, but it feels a bit large to me.  But I have a huge crush on the Equinox and would love to talk my husband into getting me one of those for my birthday next month (it won’t happen, but a girl can dream, right?).

I wish I could say that my personal pictures came out well enough that you could get a good idea of what the event was like.  But sadly, the lighting was too dim for anything to show up (even with the annoying flash).  So instead, I’ll let the video below to fill you in on what the event looked like.  And next year, make sure you check out the Sassy City Chicks event here in LA (they have gift bags!!)

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