Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

I can’t believe that I’m not blogging as much as I used to.  There was a time, a couple years ago, that I blogged almost daily.  Sometimes, I had more than one entry on any given day.  I loved it.  Some might even say I lived for blogging.  I loved calling myself a blogger.

Where did that excitement to blog go?

I know I’m still writing blog posts in my head.  In fact, I’m still starting them many of them as drafts.  But it seems that instead of sitting down to finish them, I just let them pile up. I’m not even getting around to posting weekly in my business blog.  And forget about ConstantChatter, I’m rarely posting there these days.  And this isn’t a trend I’m liking.

I have to wonder what brought about this change.

Is it because I’m busier during the week since I’m teaching again? Is it because I’m now running a business and that takes time each day?  Is it because I no longer enjoy sharing the day to day details of my day?

Maybe it’s because of my increased time playing around the the social networking playground.  I’m thinking that’s the case.  I noticed when I got involved with Twitter about two years ago that my post count went down considerably.  Then I started playing around with Facebook.

Nowadays if I have something to say, I tend to post about it either on Twitter or Facebook.  Let’s face it, it’s quick and easy.  And I can do it from my phone.  Better yet, I can choose how I want to leave an update via photo, video, audio, or a good old fashioned written update.  The choices are plenty.  And while I can update my blog in similar ways, it’s still more work that a quickie Twitter or Facebook update.

I’ll do what I can go get better at updating the blog, but if you’d like to stay in touch better, feel free to friend me on FB and Twitter (links below).

So where are you most likely to be spending your time online these days?

Just be sure to drop me a note letting me know who you are so I can be sure to friend or follow you back…

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