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Oh Crap! Still More Books!

I know I mentioned in the not-so-recent past that I have books a’plenty, I mean piles of books to read.  Not counting stuff I want to read or business books and ebooks that I really need to read.  Well a while back, a friend introduced me to the a reading panel for Elle Magazine.  I chose the fiction package and received three books to read and review (I actually hated all three including the Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner – so sad, I love her stuff).

First thing this morning, I go to let the dog out and there’s a DHL package sitting on our stoop.  I figured it was the marketing, business stuff I ordered so I just brought it in and sat it by my desk.  Turns out it’s five more books from Elle!!!  I have until August or something to read these five (well, four, since Certain Girls was included again) books.

Hello, I have my own shit to read!  Let’s just hope that these four books are all better than the batch that I had to read that first time around.

Oh if anyone wants a copy of Certain Girls just let me know since I now have two copies.  I can ship it out to you media mail.

The Boss of You Book Giveaway

I mentioned a while back that I was lucky enough to have interviewed Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon, the women behind The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business.  If you head over here, you can read a nice chunk of that interview transcribed.  Even better, you can enter to win one of two copies of their awesome book.  You have until midnight tonight to leave a comment and enter.

Good luck!

Time Seems To Be Getting Away From Me!

Going from weekend away, to prepping for official biz launch, back to extended weekend away, on to the hubs working from home for the week, then to me seeing clients daily…well, I have no idea what day it is.  Worse still, I have to buy my plane tickets (or decide if I’m going to carpool) to Blogher and do it now!

But really, I swore that yesterday was Thursday.  So of course, I woke up thinking that today was Friday.  I can’t believe that I can have something going on every day, yet still not know what day of the week it is.  That’s just craziness, I say.

Of course I have mountains of laundry to do and well, it was already 93 degrees by 10:30 this morning!  Hard to find the motivation to clean and take care of the house when it’s already too damn hot both inside and out.  Thursday and Friday we’re expected to be in the 100’s again.  *sigh* I really love our apartment, except in the hot days of summer when our wimpy AC continuously seems to let me down.

Needless to say, I’m fairly certain that I won’t be posting up any photos for Wordless Wednesday.  I still haven’t gotten around to uploading my Jersey pics (see previous mentions of time getting away from me) and well, I just don’t have the desire to do that today.  Sorry.

Instead I’ll focus on my massage and adjustment scheduled for later today.  Lord knows I need it since I”ve been on the verge of a migraine for the past 4 days and everytime I reach back to scratch or something, I get sharp pangs in my shoulder.  Not cool, but both are simple things that the chiro can fix. Yay!

My one other crazy, big plan…to finish this last Outlander book.  I believe I have less than 100 pages left and I’m just digging it.  Of course, historical romances, especially those that are nearly 1000 pages long, tend to warp your sense of self a bit.  We were out walking the dog late last night (when it’s cooler) and I reminded the hubby that we should be wary of coyotes since it’s nearly a full moon.

The hubs asks me what I would do if I encountered a coyote.  My first thought…well, that I’d shoot him with my rifle, of course.  Then I remembered that I don’t have a rifle and moved on to the dirk that I have on hand.  Um…only to realize that I don’t have a dirk either as I’m not back in the 1770.  Silly woman – my actual response was that I’d scream and make a lot of noise. Whatever that might be worth.

And don’t even get me started on the wacky dreams I have when I read the Outlander books.  Crazy shit I tell ya.  But I still love them.

Okay, off to get busy and get to work.  Stay cool in this heat!

Traveling Books

I have some books that I don’t really have any need to keep around. My friends that might be interested in reading them have already read them. Quite a few years ago, a friend passed along a book (Feast of All Saints by Anne Rice) that she found on the bus. To this day, it remains one of my favorites of all the Anne Rice books. In fact, if I’m remembering correctly, it was my first Anne Rice book.

So as a fun little, pay it forward kind of project, I thought I’d drop of my extra books at Los Angeles Airport on my way out of town tomorrow. My hope is that someone will pick them up and enjoy them.

I’ve affixed labels inside the covers asking that if anyone finds the books to come hereo come here and leave a comment. I thought it might be a fun little social experiment.

With that, I say hello to my new readers. Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know which book you have and where you found it. I do hope you’ve enjoyed your book and have passed it along.

Happy & Safe Travels! 😉

ETA: The hubs won’t let me leave the books in the actual airport. You know, Homeland Security and all that. So instead I’ll leave one or two in the parking lot/shuttle, maybe one or two on the plane and then wherever in NJ when I get there. Yes, I’ll lug around 7 books just so I can leave them somewhere for someone else to find and enjoy. I’m just crazy like that 😀

I Guess I Should Post Something Already

I figured that this weekend I was just going to embrace the whole three-day-weekend mentality.  Needless to say, I’ve not done a whole lot of anything since returning home (I’ll write a Sonoma update tomorrow, though truth be told, not all too much happened).

Both yesterday and today I did a little bit of shopping.  While there are some great sales out there this weekend, nothing really grabbed me but a couple of basic tees from Eddie Bauer. At least today I got to hang with a girlfriend while she shopped.  Either way, crazy crowds reminding me why I usually do my shopping during the week.

On to the random thoughts:

* the pup has been doing nothing more than just lying about.  I guess a couple of days at doggie sleepaway camp is some exhausting stuff.

* the cat hasn’t been doing much more than the pup, except in his case, he’s all about the snuggling.

* weather has been crazy.  We went from cold and rainy in Northern Cali, to cold and gloomy here in LA.  We had to use the heat yesterday it was so cold!  This, after 95+ days just last week!  What the hell?!?!

* I’m looking for some book suggestions.  I’ve been pretty focused on reading business books lately, but right about now, I want something good and devourable.  You know, something to get lost in for a day or two.  Extra credit if I can get it at the library (though I do have some B&N money from a b’day gift I can cash in).  I’m also looking for another book to get me through the cross-country flight and back next weekend.  Any suggestions?

* I seem to be PMSy and coming down with something.  I noticed last night that my throat seems to be hurting.  I’m afraid it’s a post-nasal thing, in which case, with my past experiences, might turn into a sinus infection (if not yet, but the time we fly back from NJ next weekend).  PMS and chocolate cravings don’t miss so well with the sore throat.  Of course, that’s not stopping me 😉

Okay, off to snuggle with my boys.  I’ll share some photos (barely took any) and some trip recaps tomorrow.

PS – Julianne Hough’s CD isn’t all that bad – in fact, it’s better than I had expected.  How funny that I can just see some of her DWTS moves to the music.

It’s All Business Baby

I was having a recent twitchat with some of my fellow biz friends and mentioned that I had a few book suggestions. I figured it would be easier to just write up a blog post about it, so here we go.

These are the books that have really grabbed me in one way or another:

The Boss of You by Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears – I just did a Skype interview with these two the other day.  I’m about 2/3 of the way through the book and I have to say, I love it.  They’ve got a lot of info about things we should consider about our business before getting started.  They cover all the bases from your business plan, who your clients/customers are and how to reach them, networking, marketing, you name it.  Good stuff and easy to read; just like chatting with friends.  I’ll post the link to my interview once I edit it.

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber – This book came highly recommended by damn near everyone at SXSW the year I went.  I actually drove out that night and picked it up.  Heck, even with our partying and the conference, I think I finished it that weekend.  Easy read and tons of good information about why many small businesses fail or just become overwhelming.

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within by Michael Gerber – I’m currently reading this one.  I was part of a teleconference where Michael was talking about this new book and venture and it was very powerful.  I’ve been dying to read it, but I keep telling myself that I’ll get more from it reading it straight through instead of bit by bit so I keep putting it off.

The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking by Diana K. Danielson – I stumbled upon this book somehow and thought it sounded like a fun topic.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually learned from it.  It’s a super easy read, great to toss in the purse on the way to waiting somewhere.  I really think you’ll learn a tip or too.

Small Time Operator: How to Start  Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes and Stay Out of Trouble by Bernard B. Kamoroff – This book was recommended to Lauren & Emira through the genius behind Sublime Stitching, Jenny Hart (heard her speak at SXSW in ’07 and I was blown away by what she and the other biz ladies had to say about being the boss and growing your business your way – here’s a link from that Boss Lady panel discussion).  It’s rumored to be one helluva handbook and really touches upon the “what now” sort of issues around growth.

The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book that Will Change the Way You Do Business by Clayton M. Christensen – This book also came highly recommended (and I’ve yet to read it) from a business workshop I went to a month or so ago.  Our “expert” took the time to bring it with him to show us so that we’d all take the time to read it.  I hear there are some fascinating stories from many startups.

I’m also interested in checking out Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs by Kaira Sturdivant Rouda.  She’s got a real estate background and that’s certainly not me, but it still sounds interesting and useful when it comes to working on that branding thing.

I’ve also started poking around some twitter folks profiles and have found some interesting women in biz blogs and communities that I thought I’d share with y’all. Enjoy.

Divapreneur – this is a Ning community of women in business. First and foremost, what a fun name! They seem to have some fun women signed up and some interesting sub-communities. Might just be worth checking out.

Her Big Idea – these gals also have a podcast that might be worth checking out.

Ms. Biz – I had a lot of hope for this site, but I can’t exactly get past the cartoonish banner. It also seems very momprenuer friendly and they do have a blogroll if you want to find other biz bloggers (or twittergals)

Woman Tribune – this site seems more women-centric than biz women-centric, but it seems to be a pretty good community and gives me some ideas for my own community.

Women Bloggers – another blog ring sort of place where you can possibly find other women bloggers – some biz ladies, some moms, some a bit of everything mixed in.

It’s all a start and just some suggestions.  Hope it helps you out as much as it’s helped me out.

It Went Well

Yesterday was my film debut (ha!) over in Venice. Looking back, I still can’t believe that I wasn’t crazy nervous. It was very casual, and very relaxed. To be honest, I was more worried over what to wear (nice black tee with a mandarin collar and a deep v – with a cami – and some simple jewelry). I was comfortable and I’m sure won’t clash with whatever goes up on the green screen (he threatened that it would be zoo animals).

For the most part, I just talked about what blogging is and how businesses can use blogging to help get their name out there. Basically, the same spiel I’ve been doing now for a couple of months. But way shorter and with less questions 😉 In fact, it went well enough that they even made the comment that it was “too smooth” and assumed that we must’ve forgotten something important – even though we answered every question that was asked. And as one would expect, afterwards I keep thinking of the many things that I forgot to mention or should have said differently. *sigh*

I should see a copy some time in mid-June. The DVDs are going to be handed out at the next meeting on June 7th (but I’ll be out of town) and at all the national meetings from this point forward. They won’t be hosted online, but they’ll be interviewing me again later for my own profile which will be hosted online. Either way, pretty cool.

Today, I interview Emira and Lauren the authors of The Boss of You. I’m just shy of halfway through the book and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it. It’s full of some great information, especially things to consider and plan before you hang up your shingle and call yourself a business. Which of course, many of us don’t even begin to consider until after we call ourselves a business. So my goal today is to write up some questions for them and finish as much of the book as I can. I’ll be recording a conference call via Skype, which is a first for me, so it should be fun.

Thank you everyone for your support through all of this forward movement. I’m so busy, but I’m actually loving it. Of course, it means I’m falling behind on reading my blogs, but I’m doing what I can. I’m usually reading along, just not commenting. And let’s not even mention my (seeming) lack of commenting here please. Just know that I feel the love and fully intend to reply to comments. Really.

PS – No Wordless Wednesday this week. No time to take any new photos. Through truth be told, I haven’t even moved my camera from the desktop in nearly two weeks. Yikes!

Not What I Was Expecting

But wow!  I just had my first, full-fledged phone call with a public relations gal.  She was pitching me her clients (and one of her best friends) and wow, they’re some fun and interesting women.  Now I have to sit down and figure out just how to reach out to them and utilize their expertise for my site.  We’re talking a cook and multiple cookbook author, skin care line creators, kid clothing and bath products, you name it.

I’m also reaching out to a batch of authors that I’ve recently become aware of.  Hopefully I’ll get some cool interviews out of it.  I have to say, without blogging, I don’t believe I’d have learned about so many new products and new authors.  Totally awesome!

I’m really excited.  It could even be giveaways galore! This is an amazing opportunity I’ve got. Now I need to create a plan on how best to present it to my membership.  Whew! It’s amazing what can happen when you focus and well, just ask.

And speaking of good authors with some great advice…have you heard about Wear Clean Underwear?  It’s a book on estate and family planning – half story, half guidebook.  Perfect for moms and dads to use to ensure that they’re doing all they can to care for their kids should something happen to them.  It’s not the easiest topic to talk about, death, but it’s still something that needs to be done.  So check out her book – if you buy now, I believe she still has some amazing gifts ($1000s worth) available with proof of purchase.

Question For My Bookish Friends…

I recently bought a biz book.  I’ve tried reading it, but seriously, it keeps putting me to sleep.  I’m only on page 34 and I’ve tried in earnest, to read this book like 10 times already.  Dull, dull, dull.  Which actually surprised me since I found it to be such an interesting topic during his NPR interview that we headed out to the local bookstore that day to buy it (it was wasn’t yet in stock).

So I’m thinking of returning it.  Since it’s a biz book, I still have the receipt.  It’s not a matter of reading it  and then trying to return it.  I buy (and read) a lot of books, so I’ll more than likely be making an exchange right then and there.  But I wonder, have any of you you ever returned a book that turns out just wasn’t for you?

Well, I DO Love to Read

Yes, I know I have a stack of books sitting by my bedside waiting for me. Yes, Robin did just send me a new book that I won from a UBP contest of hers (note to self: remove that banner). I know I’ve had a bunch of books sent to me lately to review, or interview the authors. Yes, I know I’m in the middle of about six books as I type this. And yes, I do have a book just waiting for me at the library that I need to get reading soon for book club.


Yes, you guessed right, I did indeed by a new book tonight…Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky. I heard him on NPR a while back and this topic ties so nicely into my upcoming workshop on social media and online communities. And of course, now that I look at the book, I see it’s a Penguin book and they sent me a slew of books to read just a while back and I could have possibly requested it. Oh well, I’ll remember that for the next time.

Oh and did I mention that I still have an article on social networking to write by the end of next week? I didn’t? What about the interview podcast that I’ve yet to edit from over a month ago? Hmm…not that one either, huh? Well, have I mentioned my plans to move this blog to it’s own domain AND merge it with my old blog, stalkers be damned? And if it won’t merge, then I’ll be cutting & pasting for a bit. And of course there are still those workshops I’m prepping for. Yeah, I’ve been a little busy. Is it any wonder that I’m too lazy to reply directly to comments or return emails with less than a 3 day turn around?

But before I get too busy (ha!), I thought my fellow book addicts might enjoy this quick meme. Fringes put it up over at 650Miles (why do they always ask about those naked pictures????). I’ll follow up and post my own answers this weekend. No need to tag anyone since only readers will feel compelled to answer anyway. But please, feel free to post this on your own blog (linky back please!) so I know to get off my ass and follow into your blog to read what you wrote. Make sense?

1. List three books you’ve always meant to read, but haven’t got around to them

2. Share the two books that changed your life

3. Recommend the one book you’ve been talking about since the very first day you read it

4. Link to this post so we can read all about them when you’re done

5. If you tag others, let them know by leaving them a comment in one of their recent posts or just leave it open like I did