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The Birthday Plans Continue


Things are progressing along nicely in LA Blogger Gal’s 40th Birthday Extravaganza planning. I do believe I’ve settled on a location.  With luck, we’ll be outside in this amazing garden setting, chowing down on Greek food (my fave!).  A friend of mine recommended the location from a place where she’s eaten before.  And since she’s held staff meetings there, she also knew they could accommodate groups.

I’m still not crazy about the corkage fee, but with luck, I can use this recession in my favor and negotiate her down.  Worse case, we just provide champagne instead of wine and champagne.  In turn, we’ll provide some appetizers as well.  It should be fun.

I need that headcount though so I can either order my cake (mmmm….Porto’s cakes, c’est ci bon!) or go with cupcakes (mmm…those strawberry lemonade cupcakes from Layers Cupcakes – but ohhhhh, the price).  Cupcakes totally rock, and don’t require any cutting, but man, they’re a small fortune compared to just getting a cake.  And let me just say, that Chocolate Grand Marnier sounds incredible.

And now, after poking around Porto’s website, I’m jonesin’ for a potato ball.  Guess where I’ll be going later today?

And of course in the midst of all my party planning, I was called out by and out-of-town friend that reads my blog for not inviting her.  Seems I was so focused on my local friends and getting things moving, that I didn’t get around to inviting those that I knew wouldn’t come, but would still want to be invited.  Same thing goes for the in-laws.  I still need to invite them even though I know they won’t come.

I never can really think of things that I want for my birthday (for some reason, I guess because we pick names and do lists I can for Christmas).  Then again, it doesn’t help that from the hub’s I’ll be getting my party (no other gifts there) and from my closest friend back in NM, money is tight.  So if someone where to ask me what I want, all I’d really be able to suggest is that dry cleaning/garment bag at Delight (wow, they really do need to work on their site – that “share this” post didn’t even share a link or photo, or description), a whisk, a digital frame and my new white dream purse (which is apparently others’ dream purse as well since Zappos is running low). Ooh, and I think I’d like this book…The Think Big Manifesto: Think You Can’t Change Your Life (and the World) Think Again.

Okay, off to sit down with the hubs over a bowl of oatmeal.  Love lazy Sundays.

PS – Speaking of birthday celebrations…Happy Birthday Ju-Ju Coop!

On the Set of the Gossip Girl Prequel

Okay, the little guy came *this* close to being discovered. Turns out, the gal just wanted to know where we got his blinky light, safety get-up. Sorry for the fuzziness, couldn’t use flash or they would’ve kicked me out.

I’m really looking forward to this series…Lily Vanderwoodsen wild child in the 80’s in LA. Should be some fun stuff.

No Parking 'cuz We're Filming Dammit

On the Set of the Gossip Girl Prequel

On the Set of the Gossip Girl Prequel

Crew Stuff

Wordless Wednesday: The Local Edition

Things You See While Driving

Sunflower & Bee

Homeless and More Homeless
Yes, I gave him some money and tried to give him dog food, but the pet store assured me that he gets plenty of dog food.

Local Shoot in Griffith Park


There’s a film shoot scheduled for tonight up the street (and Chuck was around the corner) so I hope to get out and take a couple pictures. By the time I took the Air Stream Diner/Bar above, they were already finished after 3 days and breaking things down.

Nothing Beats LA After it Rains

The smog is washed away and it’s clear enough you see the entire city…

You can get an clear shot of the Hollywood Sign…

The Griffith Park Observatory…

So of course we had to head into Hollywood Land to get even closer to the sign…

You can even see all the way to the ocean (that reflection just above the mountains)…

So we headed out to the ocean and ended up in Marina del Rey…

And watched the sailboats…

Such a blue, blue sky…

The rains were starting again in Culver City which gave us a teeny tiny rainbow in Mid City (just to the right of the bulb itself)…

And then the rain starts all over again and we started heading back home…

The Photo 4×4

I just realized that I never got around to doing Jax’ photo 4×4 meme.  Funny enough, I told her that most of my photos are in my Flickr, not on my computer, and would be a difficult to find folders.  I didn’t realize just how difficult it would be.  Just finding four actual folders was tough.  Most of my photos are hanging about loose and unidentified, without any sort of label or organization.  But I still played along 😉

Here are the rules:

Choose the fourth folder of photo storage on your computer.
Choose the fourth photo in the folder.
Explain said photo, tag four people to do the same.

Here’s my photo:

This is a house not too far from where I live.  I drive by it almost daily. I think they have that quintessential white picket fence and when things are in bloom, it’s just beautiful.  So there you have a pretty, white picket fence. The end.

I don’t tag (since I rarely participate in memes myself) so feel free to play along.  Just make sure you let me know so I can check out your photos as well.