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Bread Does Not Seem to be My Friend…

Aside from the obvious reason (if you saw me, you wouldn’t doubt the obvious) bread just doesn’t do well in this house. Regardless of where I put it, it starts to mold in a couple of days. I don’t remember that being a problem before moving here. I keep changing where I store it, but the only place it won’t get moldy is in the fridge. And well, once it moves into the fridge, it’s only decent for toast. Really, I can’t seem to win.

In closing, bread is NOT my friend and I’m pissed that I just paid $4 for six low point bagels only to have to throw half of them away!!!

Two random life-note, asides…

1) I shouldn’t have to pick up dog poop that belongs to other dogs!! If I can pick up after my dog when I walk him, then my darling neighborhood friends can kindly do the same.

2) I made a new workout mix today and had a good workout. Now I’m just trying to control those post-workout munchies with a yogurt, some cheese and a few nuts *argh*

Effortless Perfection

As a means to get back my focus on life, I’ve started to actively get back on Weight Watchers. It’s not like I ever really went off, I just got sick and got busy, and well, just got lazy. I went back to my old eating habits and shunned the exercise. Tomorrow will be my first weigh in in about a month. Judging from the way my clothes have been fitting, I’m not expecting good news.

But, since I’m on the one in charge of my life, I’m the one that can decide to hold my head up high and get back on track. So far I’ve been successfully tracking what I’m eating (even if I’m not always making the best choices…damn that Chipotle!) and today I made sure to get in a good workout.

I honestly don’t know why I don’t embrace the whole workout thing more. Whenever I’ve finished my workout and I sit down to log my activity (and munch my apple) I always feel so good. You’d think that alone would be enough to spur me on – not counting how it helps to lose the inches. Hopefully, by writing just that, I’ll remember to use it as my motivation on those days when I just.don’ (or so it would seem).

I also decided to give meditation another try. I was honestly looking for my food & exercise mediation CD to work on a little subtle reprograming, but I can’t seem to find it. Instead, I pulled out my Getting Into the Gap by Wayne Dyer. And again, I forgot how much I enjoy the whole meditation experience. My favorite part has to be the actual floating experience you feel when you are between the gap. Such a fascinating feeling. And like Dr. Dyer says, it’s basically just effortless perfection.

What I Learned Today…

They say that the key to staying young is to learn something new every day.  Well, today I learned NOT to walk on a treadmill barefoot.  Really, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.  Even if it’s just so you can feel good about yourself for working out while on vacation.  But in particular, don’t walk on a treadmill while it’s inclined, while barefoot.

Don’t ask me why or how I know this to be truth.  Just listen to my sage advice.

Me, I need to go pop some blisters now…

Damn Resolutionaries!

After having worked out like a fiend the past couple of days (no, really, it’s not a resolution of mine, per se), I decided to swim today. I head on over the gym around 4:00 PM and the place was packed! Not only was it packed, but the parking lot was a danger zone.

But really, I don’t think I’d ever seen so many people at that pool before. Luckily, through the power of positive thinking, my lane was awesome! I was able to get in a serious workout – 21 laps! Mind you, I then stopped at the mighty, Trader Joe’s and picked up those damnable peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies!

So I guess, along with my aching legs from last night’s 90 minute walk, I now also have an aching back. And thanks to those damn cookies, I now need to join the hubby for his walk later tonight (again!!)

Eh, it happen. Maybe I’ll just get a massage tomorrow to make it all better 😉