Glorious Gratitude

It is officially my husband’s 45th birthday. We went out earlier this evening for a celebratory dinner (Ciudad in down town Los Angeles – very yummy) and then we settled down for a movie and a snuggle with the boys. Our cat, by the way turned 7 yesterday, so this has been a celebratory weekend all around, as I’m sure you can imagine.

While taking in all the love that my husband and my boys have to offer after enjoying our delicious meal (and more importantly, after balancing our business books – yeehaa!!) I started to realize that I’m grateful for so many things in my life. What a perfect thing to blog about since it’s been a while since I’ve publicly counted my blessings. Here goes…

* I am grateful for my husband. He can always make me laugh. He knows how to calm me down when I’m freaking out. And he loves me for the person that I am (tears and all when doing the bookkeeping) and doesn’t freak out and try to change me.

* I am grateful for my boys. They’ve both been incredibly snuggly this whole weekend. Charlie even offered to help me open the tuna for his birthday breakfast, he’s so sweet.

* I am grateful that our books balanced. Last year I went through a lot of tears and heartache, to say nothing of my time and energy to come even close to getting things to balance. This year, thanks to my hubby, we’re A-OK!

* I am grateful that we’ll be getting a bookkeeper so from this day forward I’ll never have to cry or get pissed over or angry over QuickBooks – never again.

* I am grateful for our home. While we’d love a bigger place of our own that doesn’t share walls with (what seems to be) a miserable, old woman that hates us, our home is still just perfect for where we are right now.

* I am grateful that we have the resources to eat out when we feel the need (maybe, possibly, a tad too much – LOL). Especially when we can go for the occasional splurge and not feel guilty and just enjoy our time and our food.

* I am grateful for Firefox and their (fairly) new spell check. Without it, folks would think I was the world’s worst speller and would doubt that I was ever really a 4th grade teacher.

* I am grateful that we’ve been having some beautiful weather. It may bring on allergy season, but it’s so nice out I just can’t help but love it.

* I am grateful for Weight Watchers and their program. I may not be doing as well as a couple of my friends (talk about impressive), but I’m losing weight and feeling great. And man, how much fun is it to be able to buy new clothes and fit into a smaller size!!! Oh yeah, I’m also grateful my arms finally stopped aching from that damn upper body workout I did the other day. Man that was tough.

* I am grateful for my friends. I know that I’d do anything for my friends and it’s great knowing that they’re there to support me through my good times and the not-quite-so-good times. Heck, they’d even help me bury a dead hooker in the desert – I know, I asked – LOL

* I am grateful for the ability to manifest an income. Once again, I turned around and was presented with an opportunity to earn $200 for doing 2 hours of my time doing market research. While it might not seem like much, it’s still money, and it’s still coming into my life freely and for that I’m grateful. Then again, I’m really, really grateful that I’ll be able to spend it on a little spa time *grin*

And lastly, I’m grateful, and so happy, for the wonderful, exciting opportunities and experiences that the Universe is bringing into my life.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful man in the World! I love you baby (and now even more people know!)

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