Have you ever really thought about that things that you compulsively purchase knowing full well that you don’t need? I like to tell myself that I’m practicing the fine art of plenty – meaning, there is no lack, and therefore I spend as part of attracting. You, give and take, ebb and flow, ying and yang. Well today was one of those days – Day 41 .

I like cookbooks and recipes. Thing is, I don’t like to cook using cookbooks. For some reason, I tend to do my cooking off of recipes that the ladies on my website post. I like to think that they’re more tried and true than a random recipe. Yet, I can’t seem to stop myself from buying cookbooks or cooking magazines. I recently signed up for both, Cooks Illustrated and Cooking Light (neither have started up yet). You see, I’m one of those rare breeds that sits down and reads a cookbook.

Today though, today I just have the overwhelming urge to pick up two of the special edition Best of Cooking Light magazine. And you better believe the first thing I did when I got home was sit down and read them both, cover to cover. I have to say though, they did have some very yummy sounding recipes in there that I’m fairly certain I’ll be making as I have decided that we need to eat at home more often.

In defense of my impulse shopping and how it all relates to my 100 Day Challenge and journey, I also picked up Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction. It was on my Christmas list this year, but I didn’t get it. So seeing it at Costco, I just had to have it, especially considering I finished their last book about a month ago now. Funny thing about Costco, they had The Secret DVD as well. Who knew? They always say that the teacher will come when the student is ready so good for Oprah and Costco for providing the message to new students.

And speaking of The Secret, I should be getting my copy of Rhonda Byrne’s book. My local bookstores were out of it and Amazon was on a month or so wait, so I picked it up from an independent bookseller on Amazon. Funny thing, it was every where I turned around in Austin – okay, three places, but you get the idea. A little aside here, did you know that Esther Hicks and Abraham were in the original Secret movie? If you haven’t checked out their teachings, I suggest you do. Good stuff and in small digestible chunks (just the way I prefer my spiritual brain food). 😉

What Is The Secret

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