Who Knew

I was sitting back and reading the LA Times with the hubby and he hands me this one article and tells me that as a blogger (Ha!! Like I’d really call myself a blogger – though I do run another blog site that gets updated regularly), anyway, as a blogger, he said I needed to read it. It was about the viral power that bloggers have today.

Turns out Berkeley Breathed (of Opus and Bloom County fame) was doing a book signing in the midwest with a teen came in and asked him what he thought of Gore Verbinski (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame). Not thinking beyond making a funny, Breathed responded that he’s “sick of pirates.” Within an hour or so, it had spread like wildfire through the blogosphere.

Man, who knew blogging had so much power. Let alone unknown teenage bloggers are wielding this power. All that is reason enough to check out the blog-o-stats more closely! Makes you wonder how you can change the World, huh?

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