Not Quite So Wordless Wednesday

It’s a lot of pictures, I know. The funny thing, I have a bunch more that I’m actually not posting. What can I say, sometimes I just have some busy weekends. And sometimes the sky is just too pretty not to take a picture. There is beauty all around.



Self-Portrait @ the Laundromat

USPS Mailbox

The Troubadour

Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter @ Royce Hall

Royce Hall Artist Entrance

Burbank on a Rainy Day

Post-Rain Blue Sky & a Palm Tree

Waiting for the Ellen Show

Is that you Dopey Claus?

I hate that Dopey is so fuzzy, but as it was I had to walk onto the property and ask security if I could take the photo. Otherwise, he’s mostly covered by branches from the sidewalk views.

1 thought on “Not Quite So Wordless Wednesday

  1. Speedy Canizales

    I like how you got crafty with the frame.  I was thinking of giving crafty presents this year but just didn’t leave enough time for myself to think up of ideas and execute them.  The good news is that I am already coming up with ideas for next year, so there will be less frenzy to think of gifts next Christmas.

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