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Free Ticket to OC Fair This Friday

This Friday, August 12th, they’ll be free admission and free parking from noon-1:00 at the OC Fair.  They’re also throwing in free, one-way skyrides (my favorite thing to do at the fair), from noon – 4:00.  AND they’re offering up $2 rides, food and games – again, until 4:00!

If money is tight, this is a great way to still have some fair fun!  And if you plan on making a full day of it, you can also get free lawn seating for the Three Dog Night-America show later that night.

Not a half bad way to spend the day.  And as we all know, the OC fair grounds are a good 10 degrees cooler than things here in the Valley.

Fabulous Friday Finds #005

I noticed a bit of a theme when putting together this week’s Fab Finds.  All but one of them involve creativity with a focus on writing.  The lone one that doesn’t is just there because it’s fun and quite silly.

Stupid FightThis is the silly one.  If you spend any amount of time on  Twitter (and who doesn’t) I’m sure you’ve either seen this already or will get a big kick out of it.  Basically, you compare two Twitter users to see which one has smarter followers than the other.  I have a personal account and a business account, one has real people having real conversations and the other seems to be over-run with automated accounts (damn those internet marketers that think the mere mention of “business” means they should add you).  So of course, I wasn’t surprised to find that the account riddled with automated accounts was marginally stupider (it’s killing me to have that there, so let’s just say “more stupid”).  The only catch, you have to know the person’s Twitter username to get it to work.  Have fun!

Google Search StoriesI’m sure by now you’ve seen the Parisian Love commercial.  You know the one…the guy searches for study abroad opportunities in Paris, then, translations, then churches, then instructions on how to put together a baby crib.  Too adorably sweet, if you ask me. Well, Google has now set it up so you can create your own search stories.  You can pick the search terms, the kind of searches, the music, etc.  If the Google folks like it, they’ll leave it up on the site as a sample (I like the pothole one myself).  This could be something fun to add to your own website or blog.

OmmWriter If you ever need to sit down and focus on writing without any sort of distractions, then this tool is for you.  Ommwriter takes over your Mac so that the only thing you see is the blank, zen, text-only word processing screen.  You can chose your background and your accompanying soundtrack (I like the birds myself), and then tune out everything else on your computer and write.  I use this tool when I have to write articles or something where I don’t want to be distracted by my email or other little annoyances (Facebook and Twitter, I’m talking to YOU!). And unlike many other simple word processing programs out there, this one is free. Sadly, this amazing tool is only available for Macs.  There’s talk that they might create something for Windows as well, but there’s no launch date being tossed around.

Wordspace and Writer’s Boot CampBoth of these great writing spaces are local to Los Angeles.  Both offer some great networking and creative opportunities for writers.  The cool thing, between them both, you’ll be covered no matter what time of writing you do. If you’re a writer (or wanna-be-writer), this can be a fun way to get focused, hone your craft, and network amongst your peers.  No more toiling it alone at home or your local coffee shop.  Sounds like fun to me!

Fabulous Friday Finds #004

Social Couture – If you’re planning a party, Social Couture should be your first stop for all your party planning needs.  They’ve got you covered from soup to nuts…or from decorations to plates, from napkins to nametags, from center pieces to party favors.  They can do it all: girls night out, baby showers, cinco de mayo, parties for a cure or cause, children’s parties, you name it.  And let’s be honest, the stuff is SO much cuter than what you can get at your local Party Barn or Walmart.

Klean Spa –  First, let me come clean (ha! I made a funny!)…I know Jennifer and I know Klean.  In fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve helped to prepare and sell.  That doesn’t stop me from raving about the awesome scents and products.  And now for spring they have THE most amazing scent I’ve ever smelled… Ka-Bloom!   Really, it’s like a bouquet of the best smelling flowers just exploded all over you – in a good way, of course. My favorite Klean Spa products…the Smooth-EZ Body Polish which of course can be scented with Ka-Bloom!  I have to say, Fig N’Fern is quite yummy too! And if you want a chance to win your own basket of Ka-Bloom goodies,  I’m currently running a giveaway on ConstantChatter (there’s a discount code too!).  Oh and if you’re local, you stop by the next Blending Bash and mix your own lotions and potions!

Kirin Christianson –  This Fab Find is a little different. This isn’t a product recommendation of any sort.  Instead, it’s a fun video recommendation. I met Kirin about a year ago at a networking event here in LA (well, kinda…we technically met online after the event, but we did both see each other across the room during the actual event).  Anyway…Kirin has recently started doing video tutorials to help women embrace their inner fashionistas and get a little sexier and sassier.  She’s only made three videos so far, but they’re all good.  My fave of the bunch is the Three Ways to Brighten Up Basic Black video.  I mean who amongst us isn’t guilty of a little too much black in our wardrobe?

Coach Brooke Hobo – As I’ve said on more than one occasion, I’m not the most fashionable gal (hence my love of Kirin’s new venture).  But, I do love me a great purse.  And now that spring has sprung, I’ve decided it’s time to move on to finding the perfect non-winter bag – and here in LA, that’s the majority of the year.  I think I found it today as I did a super quick walk through the Coach store.  I actually swore off Coach my last bag.  I find them to be a bit more expensive then I’m comfortable spending and I’m not really a fan of the HEREIAM logo thing they’ve got going on.  But then I noticed the new colors and bag designs and well, I’m in love with the Brooke Hobo.  With luck, I can convince my husband that it will make a perfect birth-a-versary present in a couple weeks.  Wish me luck!

Fabulous Friday Finds #003

Wish Studio Blog : I found this blog by following a link that Jennifer from Artizen Coaching posted on her Facebook Page.  They may be most known for their artist retreats and classes, the blog is great for anyone trying to embrace their more creative side.

Bessotment : Once again, Kimberly from Tranquilista turned me on to this.  Part of our on-going Tranquilista Lifestyle course is to keep a visual journal.  I’ll let you in a little secret…mine is not doing so well.  But if you want to see some beautiful and inspiring works of art, be sure to check out Hope’s pages.  Wow.

Paperback Swap : I recently posted on Facebook (yes, I’m on there almost daily) that I was looking to borrow a copy of the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for our next book club read.  A friend of mine suggested that I check out Paperback Swap.  While I wasn’t able to get a copy of the book (yet), I was able to get rid of 4 books that I was no longer interested in.  Basically, you “trade” books for credits and each time to send out or swap a book, you get a credit to “purchase” or swap a book from someone else.  All it costs you is the media mail shipping.  I love that they even provide printable labels.

TeaZazz : This is my new favorite drink.  Basically, it’s lightly flavored iced tea that’s been carbonated.  So it’s a bubbly iced tea!  I’ve only tried two flavors (peach and kiwi strawberry), but both have been yummy.  My only complaint is that it’s not so easy to find them.  Right now, I only seem to find them at my local Henry’s.  They say that they’re available at Ralph’s but not the three I’ve checked.  And the good news…their HFCS-free!

Remote Area Medical : The husband and I participated in this event last year and it was AMAZING!  If you have a day, or even just half a day, I urge you to volunteer.  It will be hard work, and you’re on your feet the entire time, but trust me, it is also very rewarding work.  If you can’t make it personally, at least be sure to spread the word….FREE medical for those in need (more details to come in a full post).

Fabulous Friday Finds #002

Etsy I know we’ve all heard of Etsy and I’m sure be now, we’ve all purchased something or another from Etsy. In my case I’ve purchased rice packs, cat toys, and bath products. For the past couple of days, I’ve been drawn to handmade stamps, logos, and some giclee wall hangings and notecards. You better believe I’ll be sending my friends to Etsy for birthdays ideas next month.

Norton Simon Museum I’ve driven past this museum in Pasadena for 8 or so years now. It took an “assignment” of an artist date to get me to finally visit. Wow, I had NO idea! They have a collection of over 100 Degas – statues, pastels, oils, etc. They also have a lovely collection of Henry Moore statues. My favorite part of the museum…that you can right up close to the art. More details (and photos) to come in a post about my artist date.

HauteLook* – Recently, I’ve been inundated with invitations to online sample sales. For the most part, I never really paid them all that much attention. Until HauteLook that is. I’ve purchase make up, pet toys, and Rume (my favorite) bags. All at a great discount. I’ve also been eying quite a few purses and some gorgeous jewelry, but I’ve been reining myself in.

Brizzly I spend quite a bit of time online and being active in various social networking avenues (it’s what I teach, afterall). Out of the various Twitter applications out there, my favorite desktop (non-phone) app by far is Brizzly. They’ve got a great interface. Since they run IN the browser, they’re not a system hog. But my favorite tool by far…they open up the links, photos and videos so you can actually see where that shortened link goes. Love that.

Vermont Brownie Company I saw these guys on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown and was intrigued by the Dark Chocolate Chevre. I love all things goat cheese, so I was totally wanting to give it a try. I have to admit, I’m not a cream cheese brownie fan and I feared that this chevre twist would taste similar. Not at all. It was good…all good. The Espresso Dulce de Leche was also very tasty. Come on their brownies, you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors.

* disclosure: this is an affiliate link and I can earn $10 for anyone that joins and makes a purchase.

Fabulous Friday Finds!

I was listening to my favorite podcasts the other day (Tranquility du Jour) and the guests being interviewed mentioned that she does a regular feature called Friday Finds. Unfortunately, I’m listening to about 6 months worth of podcasts out of order, so I can’t find who it was that was being interviewed.

But I still thought it was a fun idea and something that I wanted to run with. I’m thinking that it’s something that I’ll eventually get on all my blogs since they all have different focuses.

So here we go…

Fabulous Friday Finds #001

  • Tranquility du Jour: I was first introduced to Kimberly Wilson at a recent Ladies Who Launch event. Since then, I’ve read her book, started listening to her podscasts and signed up for her Tranquilista Lifestyle ecourse. Definitely a fun resource (and as I said above, part of the inspiration behind this new feature).
  • Happy: a super fun online store (they also have a location here in LA). They’ve got it all, gift items, kitchen and housewares, unique decorating items. Very fun.
  • Papaya Art: Years ago, my very first job was at a card and gifts store in Princeton. I have since been crazy for cards and stationary. I was just introduced to Papaya Art and of course, I had to buy some cards. And a cool, new, blissed-out water bottle. Right now, I’m totally coveting some of the art panels and the canvas giclee wall hangings (good thing my birthday is coming up soon).