100 Day Challenge – Day 2

Last night the hubby and I spent time deciding what we’re looking for in our new house. We’ve had this discussion before, mostly concerning what the boys would like in their new house. But as we were in bed thinking about the upcoming warm weather and what seems like our lack of central air.

So here’s what we came up with…3-4 bedrooms; an office space and an entertainment/music room (can be considered part of the bedrooms); walk in closet space; not too wood or hard surfaces so sound won’t bounce around too much (the hubby’s a guitarist); a large master suite; a large master bath with a jacuzzi tub; 1 or 2 extra bathrooms; living room; dining room; plenty of storage; back deck; large kitchen with new appliances and plenty of counter and cabinet space; large fenced in yard that would be safe enough for both the dog and the cat to visit on their own; room in the yard for a garden; laundry room; 2+ car garage; room to entertain; central heating and air; nice neighborhood; this side of the Hollywood Hills with a decent commute for the hubby.

It sounds pretty specific I know, but I feel that the more specific you can be, the better chance you’ll attract what you’re looking for. And of course, let’s remember this is for the good of all involved 😉

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