100 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today the hubby and I continued to work on our house goal. While driving around today we discussed which homes was the *type* of house that we’d like and why, as well as which neighborhood we like.

Then once we got home we worked on cleaning out the garage. For us, the garage has always been our crap storage. We have boxes and boxes of papers and wires that are years and years old. We finally gave up and just threw stuff away. We actually crushed enough cardboard boxes that I could probably turn them in for some cash – probably enough for a cup of coffee!

But I’m really psyched to finally be able to get rid of some stuff and I really think things will open up for us. Good energy baby! The best part, the old loveseat will be going out and my new chair will be put in it’s place. That alone will make the living room look much better. Once we add curtains, the entire room will just feel so much better. And a happy, cozy home makes for a happy, cozy life!!

1 thought on “100 Day Challenge – Day 3

  1. songdeva

    It’s amazing how clearing is related to manifesting isn’t it? I’ll be posting on this soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog (where I’ve responded to your comment) and for giving me a heads up on the 100 Day Challenge!

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