100 Day Challenge – Day 5

While this entry isn’t specifically about my focus and the challenge itself, it is about what sort of things the Universe brings your way, and what lessons might be in it for you.

Friends have always been a very important part of my life. I like to think of friends as the family we choose to have in our lives. And while I’ve never had what some might consider a lot of friends, I’ve always been happy with the friendships that I have. I’m the type that would do anything for a friend.

Now the Lounge here isn’t my first and only blog. I also keep a pretty regular journal where I have developed some deep, online friendships. I don’t really mix the two and that’s mostly due to my job. As a website administrator in a women’s community, my life is a pretty open book and all of my journal friends, are part of that community (and therefore, my work environment). The Lounge, on the other hand is more for me and not so much about a community.

Well, as one would expect of a journal, I spend quite a bit of my time in there discussing the minutia of my day – work, errands, friends, family, vacations, what have you. And yesterday was no different. So there I was commenting on someone’s behavior (and more importantly, their reaction to a reprimand) on my site. I didn’t name names, nor did I get into specifics, which is how I typically do things. Yet somehow, what I said wound up being repeated in a friend’s journal (in a private – not for my eyes – post).

Interestingly, it was by the very same woman that took something I said once before and repeated it around my community trying to cause some drama. Thing is, when I seem to snark (as we tend to call it) about a situation or a member, it’s not something I haven’t already said to that very member through email or PMs. So basically, I own it. But somehow, I just felt so hurt.

To have this very same individual take something out of my safe zone and repeat it, and then lock me out of it, so basically, it’s all going on behind my back, left me a little shocked. Yet surprisingly, not really bothered. I mean, I had already forgiven this friend the first time around and let her continue to be a part of my journal and my life (never blocking her out to begin with, even after it all went down). This time, I was able to just send her an email to let her know that she hurt my feelings and move on.

This to me is pretty big. Normally I can perseverate on something like this for quite some time, ranting and raving about being violated and disappointed, playing the victim role perfectly. This time around, I just naturally and instinctively chose to handle it all from a higher place and move on. Heck, in my email with her I even wished her well in her future endeavors (she’s been looking for work).

So for me, this is just kind of proof that changing your focus and letting things go, is a much less stressful way of life. I really feel that this is all part of my plan, working in action. Did I not say just the other day that I am so happy and grateful now that I am a complete, confident and beautifully, fabulous woman.

I am grateful for this experience and acknowledgment today. I welcome this confidence with open arms. Thank you Spirit!!

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