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Has This Been a Typical Monday For You?

This weekend I was either running around doing errands (like donating to the local SPCA) or in bed sleeping off migraines (thankyouverymuch el niño). I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to make it out to see Lauren Luke at Sephora either.

Of course, this made to today a tough day to get back down to business.

Mind you, it didn’t help that the dog was up and down all last night asking to be let out because he’s sick.  It also doesn’t help that he left piles of puke everywhere you turned.  Poor little guy.  He seems to be doing better, but he’s also all snuggled tight on the chair in a massive pile o’blanket.  He felt bad enough that he barely even barked at the lawn guys.

So today I did what I could to get some work done.  I realized that this is the last week in January and I go back to teaching again in 7 weeks.  Needless to say, I’ve got to actually accomplish something in these next 7 weeks or I’ll feel like I wasted my whole semester off.

So how about you, how was your Monday?  Were you off to a good start?

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Happy DeLurker Day!

Whew, I almost missed.  Thank goodness for the famous Twitter party (and the fabulous @MrsFlinger).

The process is simple…stop by and visit your favorite blogs that you never get around to leaving a comment and and well, comment.  You don’t have to be brilliant.  You don’t have to share your life story.

Just take a moment and say Hi!  Tell someone how much you like following along.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to say hello below.  I promise, I don’t bite.

This Girl’s a Geek

I’ll admit it, I’m a geek. I’m not a total geek mind you (I’m totally not a fan of gaming), but I do have many geeky loves.  One of my geeky loves (aside from all things social media related)…Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog.

Check out this AmberMac interview with Felicia Day from the Guild (talk about awesome geekiness) for a little geeky fun.

No More Talking, Let’s Dance: The Only Reason I Watch Vampire Diaries

You’re like totally cool and so hot.

Oh yeah he is.  And if it wasn’t for Mr. Ian Somerhalder I wouldn’t even be watching this show.  He’s so much hotter than when he was wimpy ol’ Boone on Lost. Ooh, but rumor has it, he’ll be back for this final season on Lost. Woohoo!

Thank God for Turkish video sites…otherwise I wouldn’t be able to embed this hotness (my fave part about a minute in).

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

If you need a better quality video, you know, to appreciate the fine cinematography and whatnot, try this YouTube clip (I have a feeling CW was blocking all embedding ability which was why I was left to find a Turkish, embeddable clip).

NaBloPoMo: Mission Accomplished!!

nablo.sat.1109.120x200Yay Me!

I will admit that during the month, I was the most exciting blog to read.  And to be honest, I was late once or twice.

But I did it.  I have completely 30 posts in 30 days. And no matter how you slice it, it’s an accomplishment.

Maybe I’ll even win a prize!! 😆

Do you do it?  Did you make it through your month?  For those of you doing NaWriPoMa, did you finish your book (or your word count)?

Soo….what’s next?


Oops…don’t I feel silly. I inadvertently and quite accidentally thought today was the 30th.  Seems I still have two days to go *sigh*

Guess I’ll repost this to go live on Monday then.  Hey, at least I know Monday’s done – LOL

Now That Was a Holiday Weekend To Be Thankful For

After having worked weeks getting those gift guides up, I can say that I honestly spent the entire 4-day weekend (well, 3-day since I was still working on Thanksgiving) doing nothing more than reading and watching TV.

And doing dishes. For some reason, every time I turned around my sink was full of dishes again.

I feel a little bad for not heading out to help set up Divine Design while I was doing nothing.  But then again, I was having too much fun doing nothing.

And sleeping.

And seeing Candye Kane at Cozy’s.

And spending time with the hubs and his family.

Come to think of it, I think I’ve officially caught up on some much missed sleep. I think I’ve easily slept 8-10 hours (plus little naps) each day.  And you gotta love that.  Of course, it might be a little challenging getting up at 6:00 again on Tuesday, but it was soooo worth it.

All the more to be grateful for this season.

So how was your weekend?

Color Me Embarassed


I just got a little over excited and posted a live updated congratulating myself on completing NaBloPoMo.  After histing “publish” I figured I should do a quick looksee and make sure I did indeed post at least one post every day.

Then I double-checked the dates against the calendar. Yes, that was my last step, not my first or second step.

Imagine my surprise to realize that the month wasn’t quite yet over.

How embarrassing.  No really…the post went live (so it shows up on everyone’s reader) so people know I’m an idiot that can’t tell when the month is over.

Oh well, shit happens.  At least I got today’s post written because of my mistake.

Now only one more post (tomorrow) to go and I truly am finished.

What’s your most recent excuse for having been publicly humiliated and full-on embarrassed?

(don’t even ask how many red-lined spelling errors I had in that one 13-word sentence – I’m embarrassed enough here already)

My House is a Mess

And it’s freaking me out. Seriously.


I’m currently working on the holiday gift guides for ConstantChatter.  That means, I have a LOT of boxes, envelopes, folders, papers and packing peanuts coming into this house.  And like last year, it seems that I’m just stacking the sample products on top of other sample products.  Which really means I just have boxes filled with other boxes and envelopes and papers and stray packaging peanuts.

Add to that my husbands standard mess (socks, ticket stubs, guitars and guitar paraphernalia, CDs, magazines, work crap that I’m afraid to touch in case it’s important, etc.) and well, we’ve got ourselves a bit of a giant mess.

It might not have been too bad if the landlords hadn’t also decided that this is the perfect time to manure the yard.  And just the right time for that cat to do some massive shedding.

Yes, we’re a mess I tell ya!  And I’m still working on the gift guides, so I’m still a few days away from being able to do anything about it.

The sad part is that we decided that this semester, a portion of my UCLA money would go towards getting a cleaning lady.  Thing is, before I can even consider getting a cleaning lady, I need to actually clear the piles of clutter (or in the bedroom, clothes) off of everything or I’ll just be wasting the money.

Next year I’m starting those damn gift guides in September!