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Bring On The Clients!

I just got back from a beauty, southern Californian outdoor cafe kind of lunch.  I was meeting with Lisa Steadman, of the BreakUp Chronicles (and author of It’s A Break Up, Not a Break Down).  She’s a fellow LWLer and I wanted to catch up with her so that I could interview her for my site later.

Overall, it was a wonderful lunch (well, my salad was a little lame, but the company more than made up for it).  We covered everything from women in business just starting out, the upcoming LWL Live event, service menus, coaching.  You name it.  I have to say, she really gave me the motivation I needed to get focused about turning my free workshops into making some real income.

I’m really pumped to get moving on this business thing.  In fact, I had already schedule my May off from leading the free LWL workshops (though I am still considering doing Santa Barbara ones).  I figured I would take the time to 1) celebrate my birthday ALL.MONTH.LONG of course and 2) focus on learning how to line up some paid workshops.  So this was all perfect timing.

Also, for anyone in the LA area interested in getting some help getting a business going, the good folks at will be leading a free workshop Saturday the 19th in downtown LA.  I’ll be there as well hoping to get some insight.  With luck, I might even be able to swing a speaking engagement out of it.  It could happen.

Okay, enough procrastinating.  I still my article on blogging to finish up.  I just need my closing paragraph and it’s ready to go to the boss lady.  I have to say though, writing a 700ish word article on blogging basics…not so easy when it all depends on certain basic knowledge.  Hopefully it will go over okay.

PS – I really need to purge and merge my categories.  Since merging the two blogs I have far too many duplicate categories and it bugs me.

Bloggers are Dying??

Bloggers are stressed?  Really?  Well, according to this latest New York Times article they sure are. On one hand, that really doesn’t surprise me.  You’d think that having he opportunity to work from home, at your own pace would be less stressful.

Then again, if you guys are anything like I am, everything I experience throughout the day I consider fodder for blogging (now some of it makes it to my tweets instead of my blog).  And don’t even get me started on all the unwritten blog posts that float around my head as I’m falling off to sleep.

Steph over at Back in Skinny Jeans recently took an online hiatus after suffering from insomnia.  I also know quite a few other bloggers that felt the pressure to blog, or the pressure to write for their audience instead of writing about what they want to write about.  I can relate though, sometimes I just dread having to write stuff or blog for my site.  But we do what we’ve got to do, right?

Some Fabulous Women in Business

I had posted this in my local LWL group yesterday, but thought I’d post it here as well. I know I’ve got some business women (and some LWL gals) that read my blog so I thought you might find it interesting.


I’ve been poking around the web today, catching up on my many (many) blogs and I came across some stuff you guys might be interested in.  It might be just the motivation someone needed today.

First, this is from the 2007 South by Southwest Interactive conference.  It’s the audio from the Boss Lady discussion panel .  These are some great women that didn’t let anyone tell them they couldn’t do it.  By far, my favorite panel in the whole SXSWi ’07 conference.

Second, this is from this week’s BlogHer Business Conference (currently going in NYC).  She’s a 64 year old woman that knows nothing about blogging, but knows it’s good business.  She’s proof positive that you’re never to old to start a business and you’re never too old to learn something new.  Check it out , you just might learn something.

Lastly, there’s been a lot of talk on this board about insurance and our small business options.  One of my favorite small business blogs, Shifting Careers addresses this current challenge and let’s us know about the changes on the horizon.


Now We Have to Worry About Gmail too!

David Airey went away on vacation for a bit with his sweetie.  He made sure to notify his clients, tidy up his business obligations and even took the time to tell his blog readers that he’d be away enjoying his vacation for a bit.  While he was gone, the very day he left, in fact, someone hacked into his gmail account and stole his website/blog.  At this point, they’re still holding his site for ransom!

Who knew that someone could hack into Gmail, change filters and basically just take over someone’s business.  You better believe I’ll be getting in the habit of regularly checking my filters, redirects and accounts (I probably have 10 addresses running through my gmail).  Take a moment to read his story, it might save you down the road.

Now me,  I just need to get better at closing my gmail tab.  Of course now that I’m using a beta Firefox I don’t have my Google toolbar.  How’s a gal to know when she has email?!?!

The Internetz is Good

I’ve just gone the last three or so days with little or no internet access (depending on the day).  Let me tell you, going that long without internet can be quite peaceful.  I could still check my email on my phone if I get desperate.  Interestingly enough, I never got so desperate that I had to run out to the nearest WiFi joint to get my fix.

Instead, I reveled in finding other ways to occupy my time.  I read books.  I watched movies.  I watched four straight hours of Veronica Mars (and it was delicious!).  I also managed to complete my Christmas cards, ship some gifts,  get crafty  the best thing…clean off my desk!  Mind you, now it’s a mess again thanks to the card writing and gift wrapping, but it’s still better than before since all the loose receipts and bills are filed.

I also got to spend some quality gal time with friends.  And man, I’ve got to say, short of a Veronica Mars marathon (what will I do when I finish up this last season???) nothing beats hanging out with the gals chit chatting over life, books, families and addicting  TV.  Well, throw in a nice glass of wine and some good food and it’s perfection I tell ya!

Now I’m just waiting for the hubby to finish up so we can head out to Spaceland for their holiday party.  I’m sure we won’t stay too long, but that won’t stop me from having a drink or two!

Totally unrelated (and I may have mentioned this before), I need to quickly create some simple business cards.  Since I won’t be using some snazzy company name, just my own name, I need a simple logo – I’m thinking of maybe a lotus blossom.   While I actually have some photos of lotus blossoms, I don’t really know where to look for a simple line image.  Anyone have any ideas?

Well, time to head out.  Hope you guys all had a fun weekend (since I’ve been sans the ‘net I’ve not gotten caught up on any blogs – should be a loong week).  And thanks for the support, it really meant a lot.  I hope to know more over the next week and I’ll fill folks in then.

Reading is Sexy

Reading business books is sexier still, but I um, seem to have a bit too many books right now.

Not too long ago, I rediscovered the library. And then, joy of joy, I learned that you can request books and they’ll just deliver it to the branch of your choice! You don’t have to go beyond the front desk to get them!

Well, I’ve recently gotten into women in small business types of books. Once I hear about one, I go ahead and reserve it. Then I hear about another one and I reserve that one too. I (oh so wrongly) assume that since they’re currently loaned out that it will be a while until I see it. Yeah, not the case.

Not counting my current book club book (which I lent to a friend since we share a library system and all the books were checked out), I have five books out! One chick lit – Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble, two on business – Ladies Who Launch and Rules for Renegades, one on blogging – The IT Girls Guide to Blogging with Moxie, and the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (at the recommendation of a friend). I also have two short and simple books on networking that I ordered from Amazon – The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking and Table Talk.

Yikes! When exactly will I be reading all of these books???  I’m halfway through Queen of Babble, a third of the way through LWL and just started the online networking book over lunch.  And did I mention that I just found three more books (!) while cruising around Amazon that I’ll probably be adding to my Christmas list?

Well, I’m nothing if not well read!  Good thing I enjoy reading, that’s for sure.  Sorry, must run, I’ve got some reading to do…

Ladies Who Launch – the Book

Women approach change, creativity and business quite differently than men. 

I’ve mentioned a few times now how I’m intrigued by the whole Ladies Who Launch process. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to go ahead and sign up for the January incubation class and I’m so excited. So very excited in fact, taht I went out and immediately picked up their book (of the same name) at the library. What I was ringing felt so right and so insightful that I immediately ran out to the bookstore and picked up yet another copy for my girlfriend. Yes, it’s that good!

Women tend to treat creative projects and new businesses like their children; they become emotionally attached. They fall in love with their ideas and with making them happen, and are unlikely to give away equity in their own businesses or projects easily. They will sacrifice extreme growth to retain sole ownership because they define themselves through their projects and derive extreme personal fulfillment from them. They view relationships emotionally; responding to what feels right as opposed to what looks right on paper.

Talk about ringing true.  I feel like I could have written that myself two years or so ago when I first started up my site.  Now, not so much since I’ve been working more on separating myself from the public face of the site.  I’m much more behind the scenes now.

But now, now I’m ready to move on to bigger and better and start something new.  In  fact, I’ve decided that this week, I’m going to focus on the business side of things.  I know that with this being year-end and the holidays it’s a very busy time for people.  So I don’t necessarily expect a slew of folks to come knocking on my door right now, but that doesn’t mean that I can slack off!

With the new year comes new beginnings and resolutions.  It’s a time when people focus on making changes and I’m going to be ready for them.  Which of course means that I need to get focused and get organized.  I’m going to start with my desk, move on to the wine (yes, we have that much wine just lying about in shipping boxes) and the rest of the office until I can think clearly again.  From there, it’s off to create a simple logo, get started on a website, get my paperwork in order and go!

Mind you, I’ll also be getting ready for Christmas and all the shopping, decorating, wrapping and baking that that might entail.  I’d also like to add some plug-ins to my blogs (both this one and the group one on my site) and play around with things a bit.  But for the most part, the remainder of this year will be spent getting my shit together.  How’s that for affirmations?!?

I’d Like a Passport Please

Getting the hubby to take a moment out of his three weeks “vacation” to actually get a damn passport is like pulling teeth.  Thing is, we need to get one sooner rather than later.  We’re still considering a cruise in February (though he’s rethinking this since there’s some work changes in the new year and he doesn’t yet know how that will play out – I’ll give him this as a legit reason), we’re constantly invited down to Mexico to spend the weekend at Herbie’s vacation home, we’ve been invited to Japan more times than I can recall to tag along with Herbie’s current tour and more recently, we’ve casually been invited to attend Montreux Jazz Fest in Switzerland with Herbie.  And then there’s visiting my friend, Jo in Madrid where she teaches.

For all of these things…yeah, we’ll need a passport.  Mind you, his last day of vacation is Friday.  We need photos, we need birth certificates (I have them, I just need to pull them out), we need to fill out the application and we need to get to the post office before 2:00 today.  Um yeah, I don’t think he’ll be going today considering he’s a major moppet and needs a serious haircut and shave as well.  At least in my defense, I can go any day since I basically work from home.  He kinda can, since he can go into work at whatever time he wishes.  But still.  I’d just like to get the damn passport already.  Please.


My head feels thousands better!  It usually does by the time I take the second Imitrex.  Only the second Imitrex puts me over the edge and makes me crash in a big way.  Sadly, the need for the Vicodin is fairly new.  My head never used to hurt like it seems to hurt lately.  It seems to feel like my head is in two or more vices just squeezing with all it’s might and it seriously brings me to tears – and I’m not one to succumb to pain-induced tears much (oddly).   I would never have even thought of the Vicodin if my doc hadn’t prescribed it when I called in begging for the Imitrex saying that my head was killing me (in that case for over two days).  I’ve learned though, that it makes a huge difference.  Mind you, I should have gone to the chiro today and that would have made a difference as well.  I’m also considering trying acupuncture for migraines since I know first hand how well it works for lockjaw.  Anyone try this?


And thanks SO much to all the ladies that have found me today and left such informative and helpful comments regarding Ladies Who Launch.  I will definitely be following up with you guys.  I’m really, really interested in learning all I can about LWL now.


Busy day today.  The pupster is getting groomed (talk about being a moppet).  I have some more pre-Thanksgiving prep to do – I’ve made the gingerbread for the trifle and will make the pudding today so it’s all set to assemble tomorrow, I made brownies last night before the migraine got too crazy (hey, I think I was in so much pain yesterday that I may have even spelled it incorrectly – yikes!), all I’ll have left to do tomorrow is make the cornbread casserole – woohoo!

I’m also meeting a friend out in Pasadena in a bit for some baby shower gift shopping, lunch and catching up.   Between Bunco and book club we see each other twice a month, but we have November off from both and she wasn’t able to make the last book club,  so I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen her.   Should be a fun lunch.  Hopefully she’ll bring the little one along too.

And now, I’m off to dig up those birth certificates – wish me luck!

Ladies Who Launch

I’ve heard this women’s group mentioned a time or two.  The first time I heard about it, I got the impression that it was just for creative, LA-types.  More recently, someone outside of LA mentioned it and I got a totally different impression.  So now I’m considering joining up.

I’m poking around the website to get to get a feel for things and to learn about the membership process, but I’m not finding it to be as informative as I’d like.  So before I sign up or ask to be contacted by someone, I’d love to hear from anyone that’s either gone through the program or maybe even knows someone that’s gone through it.


NaBloPoMo: Welcome to the Half Way Point

I’m sure by now a few of you (myself included) are wondering what in the world is left to write about. Well, as I’m always trying to improve my writing and my blogging (both here and for my site), I’ve found that there’s some great information out there.

* The folks over at Blogging Bits offer up A No-nonsense Guide To Clearer, Sharper, and Better Writing as well as suggestions for Overcoming Writer’s Block (check out there blog for other great writing & blogging topics – truly a great resource).

* SEO 2.0 also has a post chock full of good ideas – in fact they’ve got 101 ideas for things to blog about (many of them linking back to great posts with even more ideas).

* Problogger is a great resource with a wealth of information for the professional (and not quite so professional) blogger. Did you know that there are 20 Types of Blog Posts?

* There’s also plenty of info out there at NewBlogger (formerly Blogging Made Devilishly Simple) and my goto guy Andy Wibbels from Blog Wild (he is my blogging hero!).

* And let’s not forget Mighty Girl‘s book, No One Cares What you Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. There’s some great info there, especially if you need suggestions or prompts for something to write about. I speak from experience here and I mean no harm, but if you can, order it direction from Amazon or through your local bookstore – online processing is not their forte and it doesn’t seem that things have improved much since the book first came out.

When all is said and done, I do hope that the folks at Blog World put up some audio from last week’s conference in Vegas. It sounds like there was some really good information out there. Now if I can just stop traveling long enough to actually write about something already.