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I Miss My iBook!

ibookIf you’ve been following me on Twitter than you know that on Easter Sunday my laptop died. I accidentally spilled my entire mug of tea and well, we thought I fried things.

Turned out I was luckier than I first thought and I didn’t actually drown it. But something happened to kill it.  We think the hard drive is dead.

So yesterday was spent hanging out at the Apple Genius Bar asking for help. They, in turn, passed me along to Melrose Mac where it sits now, awaiting a diagnostic exam.

With luck, it will be back in my grubby hands on Friday or Monday with a new hard drive and some extra oomph.  I’ll also be upgrading my RAM and memory while it’s in there.  I’m kind of excited to get it back with some extra power.

I have to say though, it’s rough living without it.  I guess I never realized just how much I used it. I always thought of it as my extra computer that allowed me to be online while watching TV and hanging with the hubs.  But now, the only way I can actually be online is to be in front of my computer.  No more mulitasking for me.

The good in this…I picked up quite a bit of client work this week, so I’m really able to focus on getting my work done.

And some completely unrelated fun stuff…I’ll be heading out to the Springsteen show tomorrow.  Someone at the office had an extra pair of tickets so the hubs claimed the for me and a girlfriend.  Mind you, I doubt we’ll be hanging out with him and his SuperFan friends (he’ll be one of the many attending both LA shows on this leg and whatever else comes around on the next leg), but it will be a fun show.

While I’m not the biggest Bruuuuuce fan by any means (I think I shared that a couple weeks ago in regards to the San Jose show), I do love the actual performance.  And well, the set list has been quite good as well, so I’m sure we’ll be in for a great show.

Photo Credit: izqrdo

Looking for Business Book Recommendations

I’m in the process of buying a book on Amazon, and of course, I’m $6.50 short for the free shipping.  Since this is being paid out of my biz account, I would like something else to qualify the order, but it needs to be a biz expense.

What are your favorite biz books?
I’ve already read (or own) all the Seth Godin and Michael Gerber books.

In return, I’ll share a couple of my favorite biz and biz-related books:

Any other must read suggestions?

Looks Like I Might Have Another Great Opportunity

This isn’t what I had intended to blog about today – that would have been house envy – but it’s something I wanted to share instead.  And much more positive!

I had an interview earlier today with this chap over in England.  He has this awesome website that hosts many business videos (think YouTube for Business).  He’s considering using me for a regular, weekly show. The focus will be women in business and soloprenuers and the challenges we sometimes face, along with tips and whatnot. I’m so excited.

I’ve avoided video (and full-face photos – first one was posted here on Tuesday) due to the crazies I’ve encountered in my past.  But I just don’t think I can hold off any more.  More to the point, I don’t care about it any more.  I’m a successful business woman that can be found all over the web.  There’s no need to hide from a group of people that are too bored to have something better to do with themselves.

Though to be honest…video is great for universal search engine optimization (as I tell my clients).  It’s really the wave of good business – especially if you do online business as it allows people to relate to who you are as a person.  But hey, you didn’t come here to learn about SEO now, did you?

So yes, it looks like I have this great opportunity in front of me.  I won’t know until some time next week or so.  Until then, I could use all the good vibes and happy thoughts you could send my way.  Know that it will be graciously accepted and returned to you tenfold.


And now, I must finish getting ready.  Tonight I have a date with Keith Urban.  Well, my husband will be there (as will hundreds of other fans), but since he’ll be shooting the show, I plan to have Keith serenade me personally.  Hopefully I can get some decent shots of him to share with you all (or steal some of my hubs shots when he’s not looking).

Happy Friday Y’all!

It’s Official…Call Me Teach!

I finally heard from the college (they’ve been so backed up between finals and spring semester arrangements).  I got the job. It’s official, I will be a teacher once again!  There’s a huge part of me that’s so excited to be back in a classroom – even if this time I’ll be working with adults.

I start on Tuesday and will be co-teaching advanced computer and social media skills.  Luckily, I’ll also be able to head up to San Jose for the hubby’s Bruce show next Thursday and keep my speaking gig in June.  So it all worked out in the end.  I can’t wait to get started!

Thanks for all the support and happy thoughts to bring this to fuition.  I’m sure I’ll be letting you know how it goes.

One Step Closer to that Job Now

I heard from the gal doing the hiring for that co-teaching gig.  While I didn’t get a definitive “you got it” she did tell me that she doesn’t forsee much of a challenge covering the two days I’ll be missing.  She just needs to double check with the team tomorrow to make sure it’s doable.

So I’m feeling quite good about everything.  Which is a good thing considering the job would start on Tuesday.



I’ve noticed that when I seem to have a lot going on (or when I seem to be under some sort of pressure or stress), that I clench my jaw.  Usually at some point notice and force myself to relax my jaw, but by then it’s usually too late anyway.  And yes, I’ve noticed that I’m clenching again.  But hey, at least my eyes aren’t twitching this time around 😉

I’m on the verge of moving forward into a new business, so to speak.  I’m only in the research, let’s talk about it phase, but I’m quite excited.  Part of what makes me so excited (and probably has to do with the stress as well) is that this will essentially be my first business venture that isn’t accidental.  Meaning, it’s the first business venture that I’ll be starting willingly, and properly and won’t just be riding the waves of what comes my way after being in the right place at the right time, like before.  So yes, pretty exciting.

How does stress or pressure seem to present itself to you?  What’s your favorite activity (or lack of activity) to help to alleviate the seeming stress? I’m thinking this week – crazy busy that it is – might be the perfect time for a pedicure break.

Recommendations Please…

Okay, I’m going to try this again and take a moment to get some specifics laid out.  I mentioned last week that I was looking for some “can’t live without it” products.    I even tried to tempt you with lovely gifts if you could help me.  Thing is, I didn’t get too many responses – not that I don’t appreciate the responses, I just figure that if I’m going to give something cool away, then I want there to be some competition going on (or I’d feel bad that 1 out of 3 won and the other 2 didn’t).

So we’ll try this again…

Right now, I’m working on a few things now we’re I’m contacting different vendors and companies for giveaway product and sponsorship (you have registered for the many contests, right?), and it got me thinking that maybe you, my loyal readers (even you, my lovely lurkers!) could help me come up with some new, or maybe something I haven’t yet thought of, products and companies to reach out to.

So I ask…what products do you use in and out of your home and office that you just love?  What can’t you live without?  What are you always recommending to friends and family?

  • favorite foods?
  • favorite cleaning products?
  • favorite bath products?
  • favorite toys or parenting things?
  • favorite clothes?
  • favorite makeup?
  • favorite office or computer tools or programs?
  • favorite authors?
  • favorite anything that you love and can’t live without
  • it can be one thing, it can be 50 things…whatever works for you

To tempt you to reply with as many cool things as possible, I’ll pick one person at random and give away a $10 Starbucks card and a secret, fun surprise (and more than likely unclaimed) item that I have here at the house – and trust me, there’s plenty of goodies hanging around this apartment that I had planned to eventually use for a CC contest, but haven’t gotten around to it yet — to say nothing of the many unclaimed prizes.

RULES: You may enter as many times as you wish and you’ll score entries (chances to win) as outlined below:

  • I’ll give you one entry/chance to win for every comment with at least 3 products listed
  • I’ll give you one more entry/chance to win if you tweet this (be sure to leave the tweet link in a comment)
  • And one more entry/chance to win if you repost (leave the repost link in a comment)
  • And TWO more extra chances to enter to win if you leave a comment telling me what charity for women and/or children that you support in addition to your favorite products
  • This will remain open until next Wednesday, 3/4 (midnight, PST) I’ve extended the deadline

Thanks in advance for ALL your help!

Remember to go to the original post to leave your comments (they’re turned off on this post).

What Do You Do About that Maiden Name?

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve recently connected with three old friends from my past.  Each friend said that when they Googled my maiden name, nothing came up (mind you, my married name will give you over 10 solid pages of results thanks to press releases and articles I’ve written and people I’ve interviewed).  So it got me thinking about what I could do to get my maiden name out there in Googleland.

With the help of some of my Twitter friends, here’s what I came up with:

  • add your maiden name to all your online profiles – Facebook and LinkedIn in particular since that’s where many people search first.
  • create a blog just to keep you maiden name active – have accurate contact info available and be sure to have at least one post with your maiden name spelled out
  • create an additional twitter account using your first and last name (or at least your first initial and last name) – be sure to use a URL where you can be contacted and either a tweet (if you won’t be using the account) or a brief bio letting folks know that this isn’t your primary account and where they can find you.  You can also feed your blogs into this account to keep it busy

I had the first one done for a couple years now (and I notice that many social media profiles now – especially those that cater to women – have a place for your maiden name).  I’ll get on doing the blog one at some later date.  I figured right now, it was easiest create a second (um…fourth) Twitter acount and feed two of my three blogs there.  We’ll see how things go over the next couple of weeks.

So I ask you…do you care if people from your past can’t find you through Google? And if youdo care, what have you done to make it easier for old friends to find you online?

I’m Getting Things Done Today

Not that you need a day by day update, but I have been busy today.  Headed out to the crazy inexpensive fruit & veggie store, then headed out to the grocery store after that.  I talked with folks about upcoming contest promotions – my February is lined up and it’s time to work on March.  I worked on my friend’s blog and tried to figure out her mysterious RSS issues. I made a mailing list for all the prizing I need to ship out this week (dreading the packaging and shipping, but oh well).  Contacted a friend regarding her upcoming Valentine teleseminar for those still nursing a broken heart.  And I also designed my site’s newsletter using DreamWeaver – never used it before.

Not too shabby if you ask me (especially since so much of it require staying glued to the computer).  Now if I could only figure out those seemingly annoying glitches in Quickbooks, I’d be thrilled.

Otherwise, not much to say here.