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I Love When Things Start to Click

I set the intention just the other day that I was ready to make more money and get into a new place.  It’s amazing how you start to get signs from the Universe that things are moving along just as planned.

Yesterday I had a great meeting with a client (which reminds me, I need to invoice her!).  Then it just casually came up that I have some experience with podcasting (not the same client).  So now, it’s still in the air, but it looks as though I’ll be doing to recording/podcasting for our next LWL meeting tonight.  And if all goes well, it could lead to something bigger still.

I also had a gal that recently took one of my workshops send a message directly to her friends suggesting that they take my upcoming (free) workshop.  It was totally unexpected and very rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing people through LWL. So many great opportunities and so much to be grateful for.  It really makes me feel better about wanting to reach out to leading paid workshops.

At this rate, I’ll be half way to the minimum income I’ve set for myself. In just two days!  So yeah, I do believe the Universe and I are on some good terms.  I can see our new home now!  I’m so grateful for all that comes our way and the amazing folks we’ve met.  Time to clean up and declutter this office (again *sigh*) to clear up the energy and make room for the new stuff coming my way.  That house needs to fit someplace, right?

The Dreaded Schlumpa Dump

It appears that I may be in a bit of a slump. Since coming back from Jersey, I just don’t have much of a desire to write anything – on all three of my blogs. The sad part…I’ve posted more here than on the blog that actually makes me the money *sigh* Probably because here I can just brain drain, whereas there my post has to well, be about something (and I’m not that something).

You’d think that having just returned from a vacation, to the land of my youth, that I’d have something to say.  I do have a lot to say.  It’s just that, well, I don’t wanna.  Plain and simple.  Heck, it’s already taken me nearly an hour just to write this much – and to get sidetracked by the phone.

So I think I’m just going to accept it.  I’m not going to stress about this blog or the other two. I can go a week without content.  It won’t kill me.  The blogging police won’t come after me.  Instead, I’m going to continue to focus on my business, and my two (paid!!) client meetings next week, turning my other two consultations into gigs, the LWL workshops I’ve got coming up, finding the perfect location to lead some paid  workshops and making it all happen.  Bring on that magic!

It’s all good…

WooHoo!!! Gotta Love Twitter!

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve made some new business friends.  In particular, I really enjoy reading and learning more about Guy Kawasaki.  If you haven’t yet heard, Guy and his friends have started up an awesome blog aggregation site called  Within the site itself, various blogs are divided up between different categories.  The categories are then even further divided up.

Well, take a bold step (and doing something totally out of character for myself), I shot Guy a DM (direct message) on Twitter and asked if it would be possible to get my site listed in the Women’s section of Alltop.  I just received confirmation that he’s accepted and it’s done!

I’m so excited by what this will mean for my site.  I mean so many more people that until now have never heard of my site will now be reading it!  And as one would expect, there’s a trickle of fear involved as well.  Hello…I need to have some good content on there if I expect folks to keep sticking around.  But I’ll just throw that out into the Universe – good content, good writers, good commenters & good giveaways – and know that it will be provided for me.

Heck, I don’t doubt that this all came from my recent cleaning and organizing trend.  Not to mention the focused intent I’ve had going on lately.  I’m so grateful that things are moving forward like this.  I just love knowing that you get what you ask for.  As Michael Gerber said a while back in a teleconference I was listening to…if not me, than who else?  So why not me, right?

Cleaning the Office…Finally

This was a long time in the works here. Besides the piles of boxes of wine, there was also the piles of papers that needed to be shredded. On top of all of that, there’s still the fact that I need to empty out last year’s files and actually file this year’s files.

Did I mention the bags full of swag? There’s still stuff from the husband’s trip to SXSW both last year and this year. And NAMM. And the leftover Grammy week stuff that was passed on to me. Yes, we have bags of free shit just lying around. Don’t be too impressed, since most of it (like SXSW & NAMM is mostly crappy CDs and press-related stuff). But um, there’s, well, bags full of upcoming Christmas gifts lying around as well since I shop all year for the friends that I know well (and again, the swag that I tell myself I’m saving for Christmas gifts).

Which of course leads us to the mass amounts of CDs that we have in this house. My husband can get anywhere from 5-15 CDs a week between here and his office. Complete with their PR packet. The majority of them sit around unopened. Sometimes we luck out and find a band that the nieces or nephews are into (about 6 or so months after the CD has been lying about collecting dust) and we can pass it along. Most of the time, not so lucky. It sits. And sits some more collecting dust. Eventually, it gets moved into the office to join the other piles of dusty CDs. Yeah, that’s the plan – not the most effective plan, mind you.

Let’s not forget the guitars. I believe he has six lying around. Granted, due to the crazy old lady that lives next door he can barely plug in the electric ones, but that doesn’t stop him too much. At least there’s only one broken one in the office. That one I could squeeze in the out of the way space between the bookshelf and the wine rack. How do you ladies with kids manage?? Seriously.

Oh yeah, and then there are the books. Books that I need to ship out to contest winners. Books that I still need to read so that I can interview the author for my site. Books that I still need to give away. Books that I’ve read. Books that I’ve yet to read. The books the husband is using. The books he no longer needs and just wants me to get rid of. Well, just books, piles of books (in all the rooms, but more so here in the office).

But back to the issue at hand. Both yesterday and today, the focus has been on cleaning up this back room already. I’m totally clearing away the clutter to open the channels and energy to bring us something more fun, exciting and fulfilling than, well, clutter and junk. I figure if I can get this room into shape, it will be a lot easier to keep things clean down the road (especially when I get the cleaning lady). I have high hopes for us.

Between cleaning out my closet & drawers, cleaning up the rest of the living spaces and now the office…hoorah!  I’m opening the door wide open for something amazing to come along, I tell ya.  So watch this space because I’m sure it’s going to be BIG (and good…very, very good!) 😉

Mi Casa is Bueno, but that Casa is Mucho Bueno*

I love our apartment. I love our street and neighborhood. I love the wall I painted and think it really helps to make the place look not so much like an apartment and more like a home.

I love and appreciate our landlords (though there are some other challenges like their crazy, psycho, 95ish mother that lives next door, but that’s a completely different story for another day). And I’m just thrilled that after listening to our bathroom faucet leak for nearly a month, it’s finally fixed – though how the hot water and cold water switched sides I have no idea (and it does take a little getting used to).

You might remember a while back I was coveting both my neighbor’s and my landlord’s current remodels. Well, remodeling is still going on and while I’m glad it’s not me having to go through upheaval for this whole time, we are affected daily. Everything in our house is covered in dust. Sadly, that includes electronics like amplifiers, printer/copiers and computers. Needless to say, it’s freaking the hubby out a bit.

So instead of complaining about the dust, the noise and the constant dog barking, I’ve decided to work on manifesting us a new home! I’ve even found the house and it’s in our same neighborhood even. No mind you, it doesn’t have to be this house (there’s another one in the Arroyo that I’m keeping my eye on as well), but I do love this one and always have since it first went on the market shortly after moving to this area.

So let’s do it, let’s bring this baby home!

new house

* PS – I don’t speak Spanish so please forgive my bastardized Spanish in the title

How Do You Prefer Things to Be?

In order to effect true positive change in your experience, you must disregard how things are – as well as how others are seeing you – and give more of your attention to the way you prefer things to be.

This will be my focus for today. I seem to have quite a few things knocking at my door and pulling me in different directions. But today, today I will give my attention to the way that I’d prefer things to be.

In fact, today, I’ll be writing that list. Heck, if a list can help attract a mate or a great job (really, I highly suggest it!), then why not use it to focus your energy on the very things you want to attract, right? The key is to focus and not let other concerns, challenges, issues or thoughts pull that focus away.

So what will your attention be on? How do you prefer things to be?

Pay it Forward – Take II

Have you seen the movie Pay it Forward? It came out back in 2000, based on a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde. In the story, the teacher assigns his class to do a simple, good deed for someone without any expectations and in return, only ask that they pay the kindness forward, ideally for three other people.

What better way to share what we have, be it big or small with others. And by expressing our gratitude through sharing and random acts of kindness, we’re letting the Universe know that we are open to prosperity and good things for all involved.

If you’re looking to get more involved or to help others to help themselves, check out the Pay it Forward Movement – they’ve got a slew of projects going on around the world. You can also get involved in The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, SixDegrees or VolunteerMatch.

Or just practice your own small, random act of kindness and ask nothing more in return than for someone else to pay it forward. And for a fun little personal twist on this movement, why not take a moment and check out my Pay it Forward post. It’s all about the warm & fuzzies and a little fun, right?

Sometimes You Just Need to Show Up

Nothing merely shows up in your experience. You attract it – all of it. No exceptions.*

With that, let me just say that I’m attracting two marvelous things…

A new home – THE new home, complete with separate office in the backyard. To help ease the manifestation process and visualization along, I took a photo – complete with my car parked in the drive, of course. It’s a step up from parking spaces and flowers. But I know it will be done.

A new career – Now that my site pretty much trucks along of it’s own accord, I’d like to get back to working. So I met with a friend for dinner and she gave me just the nudge and confirmation that I needed. Talk about gratitude and being open to what life throws your way. I can’t wait to see where this ride takes me!

*Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther & Jerry Hicks

What is Lost is Found

I believe the Universe has a message for me. Thing is, I haven’t quite figured out yet what that message might be. While I had a blast running around Chicago this weekend meeting new friends, I also seemed to have had a pattern of misplacing things. I’d call them lost, but really, as I’ve learned, what is lost, can be found. Just ask, believe and ye shall receive.

So basically, it all started before I even really left LA. I found out on the shuttle to the airport that I’d left my cell phone in my car. Of course, there was no way I was able to go back and get it. The challenge here is that I don’t know my husband’s cell phone number and I didn’t have his business card with his cell number on me. So I called my girlfriend in NM (a number that I did have memorized) and asked if she had it. So I was able to call from the airport and leave him a message that I didn’t have my phone. Luckily, I’ll basically talk to anyone, so on the train from the airport into the hotel, I borrowed a gal’s phone to let him know that I was on my way. No harm, no foul. Continue reading

Who Knew

I was sitting back and reading the LA Times with the hubby and he hands me this one article and tells me that as a blogger (Ha!! Like I’d really call myself a blogger – though I do run another blog site that gets updated regularly), anyway, as a blogger, he said I needed to read it. It was about the viral power that bloggers have today.

Turns out Berkeley Breathed (of Opus and Bloom County fame) was doing a book signing in the midwest with a teen came in and asked him what he thought of Gore Verbinski (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame). Not thinking beyond making a funny, Breathed responded that he’s “sick of pirates.” Within an hour or so, it had spread like wildfire through the blogosphere.

Man, who knew blogging had so much power. Let alone unknown teenage bloggers are wielding this power. All that is reason enough to check out the blog-o-stats more closely! Makes you wonder how you can change the World, huh?