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Whale Watching in Marina del Rey

June Gloom finally lifted today. So having the first beautiful day of June, I demanded (no really, I did indeed demand) that we head out to Marina del Rey to visit the breached whale that’s visiting.

He’s on his way north to Alaska and has decided to take a bit of a break, call it a vacation, if you will here in LA. He’s been there for a couple weeks now, just hanging about. The authorities aren’t too worried as he appears to be in good health and is quite playful. Though they are concerned with just how close some of the boats have been getting.

I only took a few pictures because I realized early on that 1) I can’t see a damn thing on my screen in the bright sun so I don’t know what I’m even pointing at and more importantly, 2) whales aren’t easy to photograph – they move around, they’re always in a different spot and well, they’re not on the surface for too long. So only the bottom two photos actually caught the slightest glimpse of the little guy.

It was a fun day though. And once again, while I remembered to sunscreen my face and decolletage, I left my arms and neck untouched. And um, yeah…sunburn. Go figure.





I’m a Celebrity My Ass!

“If you give me a script, I’ll do what you want. I’m not a reality star. I’m on ‘The Hills.‘”

Okay, so who watched it? 

We’re running kinda low on quality TV so the hubs set up bunch of shows to record. One of which was “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” I have no complaints about the show itself, seems like an interesting concept and a pretty decent group of people.


Except for the newlywedded douchbags, Speidi. Okay, confession time, I’ve been watching the Hills since the beginning and I can’t say that I’ve ever liked these two.

They’re total star fuckers and enjoy nothing more than fucking themselves and each other. They think so damn highly of themselves they actually said that the other “celebrities” on the show were devaluing them.

Who says shit like that?

The funny part, they couldn’t even make it through the first day. First they had their initial “we’re leaving” moment where they whined to the producers how horrible it is there and how D list the people are. Then they wandered away from camp too long and the rest of the teams divied up their stuff (awesome moment!)

Then they came back, said they’d be in it for the long haul, blah, blah. Well, turns out once the cameras turned off for the night, they’re gone! TMZ reports they’ve left the show.

The students are arriving…will finish after class.

We Have Live Video!

This first clip is from the Allman Brothers show at the Greek. I’ll admit it, I didn’t take it, the hubs did.  By this point, I was hanging out on the Zeus deck on a chaise, under the heatlamps, drinking hot chocolate, chatting it up with security, listening to the (much quieter) show in the background.

Ahh, turns out it’s not even the whole song. Either way, here’s some Ziggy Marley with the Alllman Brothers doing “I Shot the Sheriff”…

Here we have some Styx from the Nokia. I was so into the fact that it was “Come Sail Away” that I totally missed the first verse. Either way, it’s still a great song and you can totally feel the vibe from the show.

Some Random Thoughts After Birth-iversary Week

Man, what a week it’s been.  It’s officially over though, so don’t worry.  No more talk of anniversaries or birthdays (though there is still the family  celebration to come in June or so).  It has been wonderful though.  Five fun-filled years with the coolest of cool guys and celebrating forty and sharing it all with friends.  Just awesome, I tell ya. I may get some photos up later today, it all depends on how much work I can get done.

On to the randomish thoughts…

  • I got my nails done on Friday so I’d have pretty nails for my dinner.  It worked, they looked amazing.  As you know, manicures don’t seem to last too long on me, so I actually showered on Saturday wearing rubber gloves.  I woke up this morning and yes, you guessed it, three of my nails are already chipped.  It was fun while it lasted I guess.
  • I had a very odd dream about tea last night.  For some reason, there were timers set up to cups of tea and no one else knew why.  I’m sure there was more than that, but it was just such an odd dream overall, I’ll just g’head and blame Naja over at Naja Tea for posting about her tea on her Facebook page (and trust me, it IS some yummy tea).
  • It’s surprisingly cool today.  Though I was wasn’t expecting it, I’m actually quite enjoying it.  It made for a pleasant, if not chilly night last night too.  But I’ll take it over those 100+ days that I just know are right around the corner.
  • To finish up the birth-iversary celebrations, we went to McCabe’s last night to see Carrie Rodriquez.  She was incredible!  She added some attitude and sass to a couple of her songs that I just loved.  If you haven’t heard her yet, check out the LiveDaily Session she did with my husband last summer when her album came out.
  • Watching Carrie play her violin and other four-stringed, guitar-like instruments makes me wish that I’d continued playing violin when I was younger.  I wasn’t a fan of playing the classical stuff, but I used to love playing Blondie on my violin.  I I’d known then that there are ways I could have play the violin and still rocked out, I think I would have kept going with it.  To this day, I love watching both violinists and fiddle players doing their stuff.  When it’s classical, it’s pure beauty.  When it’s more rockin’ it’s the energy behind the song.  Either way, I love it.
  • I’m not really enjoying our book club book this month.  It’s a British book called The Reading Group.  It has far too many characters to keep straight and well, to be honest, I find it to be a bit too boring, bordering on depressing.  I just can’t really get into it.
  • I’m going to be getting an assistant soon (and once I said this out loud, the annoying twitching immediately stopped – love that).  My plan is to have the assistant work on the contests and updating the blog and then I can focus on my clients and my other two blogs (including this one). It should also help me to find the energy to finally do the redesign on the CC homepage.  Overall, it should work out well.
  • I don’t think I’ve ready ANY blogs in the past two or so weeks.  Wait, that’s not completely true, I subscribe to 3 business blogs and I read those when they come in.  But that’s about it.  I really need to pop on over and see what you all have been up to (especially if I don’t follow you on Facebook).

I’m sure I have much more pointless crap sheer geniusness just swimming around in my head to bore you to tears with share, but I’ve got tons to get to today.  So as much as I’d like to hang out and chat blog, I must step away.

Feel free to give me a twitterized version (I won’t hold you to a 140 character limit) of what you’ve been up to in the comments 😉

PS – I haven’t reread this post for typos or poor grammar so I apologize in advance.

I’ll Admit it, Certain TV Shows Make Me a Happy Girl

And one of those giggle-inducing shows happens to be anything by Samantha Brown over on the Travel Channel. I knew when I started seeing her billboards around town (how cute is this photo) that her new season must be coming soon.  Which is great, because to be honest, her seasons are so short that just as you start to get into them, they’re over and done with.


Now of course, we all know of my love for Sam.  I mean, not only is she adorable, but she comes across as the kind of gal you could be good friends with (according to her blog, she was just here in Santa Barbara filming an episode on my birthday – so bummed I didn’t know).  My roomie and I used to watch all of her “Great…” shows whenever we could and lament over how when we grow up, we’d love to be her.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to get paid to travel the world and spend time in some of the swankiest hotels (like on her old “Great Hotels” show) or get private tours to some of World’s the most exclusive places.

Due to my love for all things Samantha Brown, I was contacted by her team* to let me know that her new series starts this weekend.  All I can say is Woohoo!  I’m glad to know she’s back.

If you happen to be a Samantha dork like me, you can follow her on Twitter or fan her up on Facebook.

And let me just say, the folks at Travel Channel totally get social media and how it works with creating community and building relationships.  More businesses could benefit from learning this skill.

* I’m telling ya, blogging and tweeting can pay of in ways you never even thought of

We Have a Party!

Or more to the point, I finally have my restaurant reserved. It will be out on this amazing patio. I’m SO excited!

I have to stop by there tonight to go over the menu and talk booze. From there I can order the cake. And then take a deep breath.


Our anniversary weekend was great. We had a lovely dinner on Friday (our actual anniversary). The food was amazing, but the ambiance was not exactly what I was expecting. Then again, I’m sure if there wasn’t a woohooing table full of gals right next to us, it probably would have been lovely.

Saturday we headed to the beach. We took the pupster out with us thinking he’d enjoy walking along the beach. We tried to find the whale park in Palos Verdes (the Interpretive Center), but between the fog and the lack of directions, we never made it there.

We did pick up some pizza slices for a showdown between the two top places in Rendondo. We took our slices out to a bench just off the strand and relaxed. It was so nice to just walk around and talk about both business and life. It was great.

Then last night, the hubby decided that he wanted to go to Palate (where we went for his birthday) to try their Prix Fixe Sunday Dinner. And of course a cheese plate! It was amazing and exactly the way to end our anniversary celebration.

Overall, it was a great weekend. And now this week I need to focus, focus, focus and get to work…

You’ll Think of Me

Wow. That’s all I can say. Last night’s Keith Urban show at the House of Blues was great. It was crazy packed. But thanks to the small, intimate venue, the vibe was awesome. You could really tell that he was enjoying himself and enjoying the vibe.

I have to say, I never knew he was such a good guitar player. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed his songs, but I wouldn’t have considered myself a fan. I wanted tickets for his July show because Sugarland was opening and he was performing. I figured it was bound to be a good show. But now, wow. Of course, it leaves me a little sad knowing that the July show at Staples won’t be nearly as good.

Of course, I took tons of photos. And luckily, some came out to be pretty decent. Since it was dark venue, flash was totally useless so I had to shoot in my 3200 iso setting. Which means (to me, at least) that while I have some good shoot, in larger images, you can see just how grainy they are. Which is a shame. But what can I say…I’m a point and shoot girl and am totally clueless when it comes to camera settings (the hubs tells me that I really, really should learn how to use a camera already). I’ll get them posted up sometime soon – I might save them for Wordless Wednesday.

The hubs was expecting to shoot the show, but once we got there, they told him that there wasn’t any press allowed. So he just had to stand around hanging on to his camera bag. It’s okay, he chose to review the show instead 😉 He’s crazy like that.

Welcome to the Ultimate Blogging Party

A little late than never, but I thought it would be easier to make this post a sticky…so consider things stuck! Daily (or so) posts follow below.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Holy cow, I can’t believe that I posted about the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 about a month ago and I still manage to forget to sign up and post!  Please forgive me.  I will have to take some time and get a real, welcomey sort of post up here.  Right now, I just have to post my hasty hello! and run.

Here are the basics (will tweak more later, after I get back from dinner)…

  • thirty-something blogger far too close to becoming a forty-something blogger
  • run a small business leading workshops and teaching small business the benefits of social media and blogging
  • also run an amazing community and blogsite that hosts regular weekly giveaways (and why I don’t have one up here)
  • have another business that I plan to be getting started over the next couple months, but am still a little hushhush about it
  • I’m not a fan of the term “mompreneur” as I feel it separates us as women and think that we’d do better to support each other in business as much as possible – while I’ll agree that moms have an additional challenge or two than others may not have, but it doesn’t mean that a child-free entrepreneur doesn’t also have additional challenges to face (during my first years in business, like many, I worked full time, but at one point, I also took full time care of my father-in-law as he lost his battle with cancer — different challenges, but still difficult challenges for a young business none-the-less).  Basically, I’m just not a fan of pitting women against women, I think that unfortunately we can do that ourselves without the media getting involved and categorizing us.
  • I’ve been blogging on and off for about 5 or so years now in fact, I write on three blogs
  • I attended BlogHer last year, but won’t be this year
  • love my crazy, workaholic husband who is currently at SXSW doing his music-lovin’ thing (our 5th anniversary is right around the corner)
  • we’re child-free, but have two adorable little fur-kids (much as I might hate that expression) – one cat that’s been waking me up too damn early this past week and one dog that never seems to stop barking
  • when the mood strikes me, I can curse like a sailor (and why I’m in the not-so-family-friendly category)
  • I love taking photos and sometimes participate in Wordless Wednesday  – can’t stand editing though, so I tend to post my images raw, straight outta the camera
  • I love in the greater Los Angeles area (moved her to marry my husband) and miss seasons (and winter particularly) tremendously
  • I’m a Jersey Girl born and bred, though I moved southward when I was 20 or so – I still have the accent on occasion, but will either need to be drunk or very excited (doesn’t mean the occasional “shoew-oar” (sure) won’t slip out – and yes, it cracks my husband, the native Angelino up)
  • I love nothing more than a great cup of tea, though when out and about, I live on lattes or iced coffees
  • that’s all I can think of right now, but I do have this 7 Things post that might share a couple of insights
  • Edited to Add: just realized that while I’m too exhausted to create a more witty post, I can just link you to last year’s post and that should give you an idea of what I’m about

Oh yeah, I may as well write this here since I know it’s getting the page views…I’m always looking for bloggers on my site.  If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity, drop me a note.

Proper welcome to come okay, that’s not happening now, but I have been adding more and more to this post each day. Please feel free to stay and visit a while….

And did I mention that there are prizes involved?  Me, I’m most interested in the following:

  • #58 – Kitchaid Mixer
  • #19, #21 and #22 – all $50 Target gift certificates
  • #111 Afternoon Tea in a Box (I do love me some tea)
  • and lastly #12 a $20 gift certificate to The Gift Closet

What prizes are you interested in?

Barbie Turns 50 And She’s Having a Party!

Word has it that this video was on Jay Leno earlier this week. Of course, I missed it. But when it was sent to me, I knew I had to share it. She seems so Real Housewives of Orange County and a little less Malibu these days. You go girl!

Happy Birthday Barbie!!

Of course, now I’m really curious about that real life Malibu Dream House that Jonathan Adler has been decorating for her big day.