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I Have App Envy No More!!

Now, I’m just in need of some iPhone app suggestions.


Yes it’s true.  We got ourselves an iPhone.  I say we because well, we’re sharing it. Basically, its taking the business number and handling all of that. Plus, its enabling my husband to play around with apps and learn how to design them himself.

Truth be told, since I’m the one that works from home and carries the purse, I’ll most likely be the one that carries the phone.  Which means….I get to get me some fun apps!

So what do you suggest?  What do you have that’s fun?  What did you get that you actually find useful?  What did you  get that was a waste of money no matter how cool the reviews were?

Spill it!!

As it is, I can’t wait to start playing the Oregon Trail!  Can I get a flashback worthy woohoo!!  Here’s to dysentery…


It Was Long Ago and It Was Far Away

There are just some songs that the moment you hear them, you raise the volume and start singing and dancing regardless of where you are or who might be watching.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this joyful experience not once, but twice with Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light. The first time, it popped up in my iTunes shuffle mix. The second time, I was driving home from an event and it came on the radio (man, was my volume up today when I got back in my car). Then today, I was reminded of my college days with an old Housemartins video I stumbled upon in a graphic artist’s blog.

Thank the Powers that Be for YouTube…

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights – Meatloaf

I will say, I’ve noticed that if you’re not just the right age, you could really care less about Meatloaf and this awesomest of awesome songs. My husband, a music fanatic, had never even heard this song (or thought enough of it to remember it) before I played it for him (at full volume, of course) – then again, he also didn’t know that Meatloaf played Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  His younger sister also hadn’t heard the song when I had it played at my wedding. My younger friends at the wedding also didn’t recognize it. So my totally inaccurate, non-scientific theory is…if you’re not between 38-43, this song means nothing to you.  And that’s a shame if I do say so myself.

Happy Hour – Housemartins

He Wants To Do WHAT With My Feet?!?

A  Pedicure & New FlipFlops - What More Could You Ask For?
They say the ideas just flow while you’re in the shower.  That’s certainly the case when it comes to thinking of something to blog about.

So I was in the shower scrubbing the great outdoors off my feet (ah, the joys of walking barefoot in the summer…you can’t do that without the risk of getting a dreaded goat head stuck in your foot in NM!), when I was reminded of an ex-boyfriend. I figured if the fabulous Miss Attitude can have her Meet the Exes Monday, then today would be a fun day to share – even if it’s not a Monday.

I can’t remember his name, and I can’t remember all too much about him.  To be honest, we weren’t dating all that long.  But I do remember that he worked on some top secret flying stuff (this was in NM where the largest employer is the military, remember).

And I found out after we were dating that he loved him some feet. Oddly, while we were dating, I thought he was quite the boring, straight-laced guy.  It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it?

About two years or so after our dating period, he found my profile on one of the online dating sites and dropped me a note.  He was still quite boring, but it was nice hanging out again and catching up.  It was very small worldish, when I found out that he’d bought a house at the opposite end of the (very, very long) street from where my good friends live – on a mountain top basically in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously.

Right about this time, I was moving out of my small apartment and into my friend’s house.  He volunteered to help me move across town – gotta love a man with a pick up.  It was during one of these trips across town that he told me how happy he was that we met up again.  It was also during one of these conversation that he told me about how much he always loved me feet.

I’ll be honest, this freaked me out just a bit.  He never really went into details, but I got the idea that if I’d let him know that I was okay with it, that he could have done some interesting stuff with my tootsies.  I’m still not exactly sure just what that was.

I did ask him though why he never did anything about it (I love me some foot massages).  He explained that I was always running around barefoot.  I guess he was hoping for more of the stinky foot stuck in shoes all day and not my dirty, loving the land, look at my pretty pedicure kind of feet. Though come to think of it, I think he was also into the stiletto wearing, walk on me Misstress may I have some more sort thing as well.  But I’m not certain.

If I recall correctly, he was never heard from again after sharing that secret.  Too bad, I think about him every time I talk to or visit my friends atop that gorgeous mountain in New Mexico.  If I remembered his name (I’m so bad with names) I’d Google him.  But I don’t.  So I can’t.

Have you dated any guys (or gals) with weird fetishes or requests?

Let’s Talk About That Blogger Prom

Finally! I mean it’s only taking me three days to do it. Then again, two of those days I was dealing with some seemingly major car challenges.

In a nutshell, Blogger Prom was AWESOME! The prom committee did an amazing job of planning the entire event. The food was amazing, the view from the hotel was beautiful, the drinks were potent, the music was rockin’ and everyone you met was cool as hell. What more could you ask of for a party, right?

It was a bit of a challenge to take photos. Between trying to take pictures at night outside and trying to take pictures in the dimly lit inside, there wasn’t much quality photos being taken – at least not by me anyway. If you want to see some great photos, check out the Blogger Prom pool on Flickr (where all the photos below came from).

So this is my second official blogging event (outside of a couple smaller PR events).  My first big event was BlogHer last year (which is actually  happening this weekend in Chicago).  In many ways, I think the events were quite similar.  Both were large, full on events (yes, I know BlogHer is bigger and involves training as well).  Both were events planned around socializing and networking.  Both were cool.

Blogger Prom was a much younger crowd though.  Then again, many of the bloggers at BlogHer have been blogging for years either as a “mommy blogger” (I do hate that term) or as a feminist, food or political blogger.  Most of the bloggers that I met at Blogger Prom were food bloggers.  And you could definitely tell that many of them knew each other outside of this party.

But overall, I had a great time and would quickly sign up to participate again.   If you ever get invited to meet up with a fellow blogger, even if it’s only for a cup of coffee, be sure to take them up on it.  Trust me, there’s bound to be some laughter and good times at that meeting.


The Line at the Bar


Fun at Blogger Prom


Blogger Prom '09 Committee

Swagalicious (though I didn't get everything shown here)

Swagalicious (though I didn't get everything shown here)

Official Prom Photo After a Long Hot Night

Official Prom Photo - Keep in mind, this is after a long hot night)

Photos: All photos can be found in the Blogger Prom Photo Pool on Flickr

So About this Blogger Prom…

I’m really at a loss here because I have NO clue what to wear. It’s supposed to be all fun and kitschy with and emphasis on 80’s cheese. But um…the only thing I have readily available from the 80’s is my ability to biggify my Jersey Girl hair, black eyeliner and some fingerless lace gloves.

Really not sure about this. I mean, these guys are taking things WAY seriously. Times like this I wish I was Molly Ringwald or Scarlett O’Hara and could just whip up my own prom dress from some drapes or something.

I have to come up with something. I mean I MUST get into this party. Even the swag is beyond cool.

So I beg you all…please share your ideas to get this plus-sized gal (with very little time to scour the Salvation Army and Good Will type shops) into Blogger Prom. For what it’s worth…I can bedazzle of sorts with my bling that came with my Mighty MendIt (if I haven’t thrown it away).

Every Gal Deserves a Night Alone From Time to Time

Tonight the hubs is heading off to somewhere in the Inland Empire to connect with his youth.  He’s heading out to see the reunion show of the band he used to roadie for back in his long-haired, late 80’s.  As much as I’d love to meet the guys that played such an important part in his life, I’m still a bit under the weather to be up for a long and loud night (with music I most likely won’t enjoy…shhh!).  He’s heading out with one of his oldest friends instead.

In the meantime, I thought it would the perfect night to attend to some beauty rituals…touching up my roots; scrubbing for the self-tanner; hanging out touching nothing while wearing self-tanner; and trying out a new face mask (I love facials, but rarely get around to applying masks at home).  It should be a fun night.

If only I had something appropriately chickie to watch.  Or a good, non-business, chick-littie book to read *sigh*  No worries, I can watch Clueless, Valley Girl, the Sweetest Thing or Pracitical Magic…again!  They never get old.  They might get dated, but not old.  Classics I tell ya!

Now I’m craving fruity cocktails and decadent desserts…uh oh!

So what do you usually do when your signifigant other leaves you home alone for the night (sick or not)?

What’s Better Than a Good ChickLit Book?

A fun movie based on good chicklit!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the Lifetime Movie Network has been going through some changes. And I’m lovin’ it!

No more woman scorned, woman suffers, woman barely survives movies here. They’ve taken to making movies based on the best selling chicklit books.

I shouldn’t be too surprised. I remember a year a so a favorite author of mine, Liza Palmer, mentioned that she was talking to the Lifetime folks. I remember at the time thinking what an odd match. Her books were fun, Lifetime movies were depressing.

Not any more. If you haven’t had the chance, be sure to check out Killer Hair (on repeats now) and Hostile Makeover (starting this Sunday). The two movies are based on the books by Ellen Byerrum. Now I can’t say that I’ve ever read Ms. Byerrum’s books, but the movies sure were fun.

I don’t know if this is a summer only sort of thing, but either way, I’m loving it. So I have to say, next to my guilty pleasure reading fun chicklit books, I now have the added guilty pleasure of watching fun, chicklit-like movies. Woohoo!