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What’s Up With the Crazy Dreams?!?

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Enough already. For the past two weeks or maybe even more, I have been having some wonky dreams.  I wasn’t going to share them – because who really wants to read about someone’s crazy dreams, but they’ve been going on for far too long.  Rest assured, I won’t spill the details (they’re truly not that exciting).  In fact, when you get right down to it, some might even say they’re scary.

Well, scary if you consider constantly dreaming about work scary.  And you know, I do.

Let’s keep a few things in mind.  Mainly, I work for myself.  I have no boss other than myself.  I work from home unless I chose to get up and drag my laptop somewhere else to work or head out to network.  So really, how scary could those work dreams be, right?

Here’s the thing, no one should have to work 24/7.  I shouldn’t be tossing and turning thinking about Facebook (yes, I’m dreaming about Facebook – talk abot craziness).  I shouldn’t wake up, still half-asleep muttering that I have to blog or that I have to fix the blog (damn theme insanity). Yes, I’m dreaming about blogging.  I’m also dreaming about networking, teaching workshops, Twitter, writing emails to secure more giveaway products, etc.

Essentially, I’m working in my sleep!  And this is just wrong.  Wrong, I say!

Our slumber should be a safe haven dammit!

So what the hell?  I’m not stressed.  For the most part, I’m sleeping just fine.  More importantly, my eyes aren’t twitching (typically a dead giveaway that I’m stressing). I don’t feel overwhelmed or out of control.  If anything, I feel the opposite – I feel motivated and excited by what’s to come.

So what’s going on here?  And what I really want to know…when will it stop?  And why oh why can’t I have dreams about a shirtless Brad Pitt and Brendan Fraiser fighting over who will spoil me rotten?  Come on, what’s a girl to do?!?

Does this happen to you? Do you get recurring themes in your dreams (ha, I rhymed!!)  Do you even remember your dreams beyond first waking up?

Damn! I Missed It!

Christmas double
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Well, happy belated blogaversary to me!!  I started this blog two years ago on New Years.  Well, I actually started it a few days into ’07 but I post-dated some stuff to bring me to the 1st. I’ve actually been blogging over on LJ since about 2002 or so (started when I was prepping for a friend’s wedding).

Sadly, when I had all the crap happen last year, I deleted that entire blog/journal.  I had always meant to take all those posts and import them into another WP blog, but I just never got around to it.  Then one day I told myself that I no longer wanted to hold on to the past and just deleted it all full out.

Wish I’d remember to at least save my post from when I met Sir Paul McCartney.  That was such an amazing and surreal moment that I regret not having taken a moment to save it.  Oh well, I’d like to think that I’ll never forget when a Beatle (!!!!) sat down next to me and had a conversation with me about space camp (have no idea how we ever got onto that topic, but it had something to do with that tourist trap, crazy house where they have reverse gravity in the Redwoods somewhere in Northern CA).  Well, that and the fact that he slapped my leg while making a point and also spilled his drink on me while talking.  Ahhh…such fun (and again, quite surreal) memories.

Happy Belated Birthday to ME!!!

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Nothing Beats a Good Snuggle With the Boys

We got home late last night, after midnight.  By the time we went to bed it was 1:30 or so.  Before we could even think about settling down, the cat demanded that we give him the attention he felt he deserved.  Of course, by the time we went to bed, he was meowing up a storm to let us know that he wasn’t yet ready for bed.

We woke up far too early this morning, around 8:30 or so.  Again, more loving with the cat.  We headed out to breakfast (Mexican, yum – you don’t quite realize how much you miss certain flavors when you’re away).  Then it was on to pick up the pupster.    The cat saw us walking up the walk together and let out two big meows and ran to the door.  As soon as we walked in the door, the cat was rubbing up against the dog welcoming him home and trying to snuggle with him on the couch.

From there it was back to bed for this bunch.  All four of us fell back to sleep for two hours or so.  I woke up so hot from having both boys snuggled up so tight.  Well that and the fact that it’s 90+ degrees out.  Why the hell is it 90 anything in the middle of November???

I feel a bit better.  I’m not as congested as I was.  There’s hope this might not turn into an infection yet.  Then again, half of LA County is on fire and the smoke and ash in the air is insane.  So who knows.  I’m just thankful we didn’t come home to any fires in Griffith Park.  That would have just been too much.  We’re still waiting to hear from my BIL to find out how he is.  There’s a mass amount of fire activity over in his neck of the woods and he’s just up the hill from all of it (with his exit on the freeway being closed on and off).

This has to have been one of the world’s most boring posts. To make it up to you, here are a couple videos from our trip around Dublin. If you listen closely you can hear the tour guide (see, I did get some Irish for you CurlyWurly).

More of our bus tour, this time covering the only remaining “old wall” of the Dublina and the Guinness area (I talk a bit through this one a bit, repeating what the tour guide says). Guinness bought up tons of acreage in the city and then took a 9000 year lease on it all. Wow.

PS – it’s not easy to shut off the Flip when you’re wearing gloves

Catching Up with Old Friends

Just over 20 years ago I went to college right after high school when I was still back in Jersey.  I only went for two years because my family moved to GA and I lost in-state residency.  During those two years, I met one of the coolest people, my roommate, Fran.

After she got married 15 years ago we pretty much lost touch.  For a year or so, we tried to keep in touch, but eventually, due to changing emails (back in my Prodigy and AOL days) the ineveitalbe happened.   Needless to say, I’ve spent the past 10 or so years trying to track her down to no avail.

A week or so ago I got lucky.  Real lucky.  On a total fluke, I checked my old Hotmail account (typically spam-riddled).  On yet another fluke, I saw a message from and decided to read it.  Turns out, my old college roommate managed to find me.  A little further internet poking around and I found her Facebook page (she only just signed about a week before).

Catching up has been great.  I’ve been too crazy busy to call her (plus the east/west time difference and her work schedule), but we’ve been catching up through email.  I think my favorite part of the catching up process is the questions that bounce back and forth between us.  Well, that and the fact that even her mom was thrilled to hear from me and sent me an email as well.

Guess I won’t be bashing any more.  I used to laugh at everyone that would rave on and on about how much they love catching up with old high school and college friends through Facebook.  I guess I get it now. And I’ll admit it, it is pretty darn cool.

Have you caught up with anyone from your past through either one of those reunion/classmate sites or even Facebook?

Sorry, Wrong Number

We have a blocked phone number.  Not that we need a blocked number, but when we first moved in we used to get phone calls from computers in the middle of the night (probably polling the register or something) and short of changing our number, all we could do was block our number & block any unlisted number calling in (same service).  Which of course means that when I want to call out, I need to remember to unblock the number so people will recognize the number and actually answer the phone.

Needless to say, imputing all those numbers often leads to mis-dials.  No biggie, I either hang up when the voice mail kicks in and I’ve realized I made a mistake or if someone should answer I give a quick “sorry, wrong number.”  It happens.  We all do it.  Nothing to be ashamed of.

My question to you though, is do you call back the missed call or hang up that you might get? Me, if I see a number I don’t recognize and there’s no voice mail, I just assume it was a wrong number and carry on with my day.  Again, it happens.

Today though, while lying on the couch trying to deflect rest off a migraine that hadn’t yet fully developed (was avoiding meds since I’m not a fan of how they tend to wipe me out) a guy that I’d accidently called and hung up at his voicemail called me back.

It went something like this…

Me: Hello?

Him: Who is this?

Me: Um, it’s Kat, who is this?

Him: I show that someone called me from this number.

Me: Yes, I misdialed.

Him: Oh.

Me: Bye.

Was he really that important that he’d think that anyone that calls him obviously wants to speak with him so badly that they don’t leave a message or call back, so that he must call them back to find out what they wanted? Why?  Really, who does this?   And what’s with the attitude?  If you’re in the type of business where you need to call back those missed calls how about “this is So&So, I had a missed call from this number” NOT “who is this?”

The only time I’ll call someone back when they don’t leave a message is with my friends or family since they probably felt that it wasn’t worth leaving a message.  Not with unknown numbers or strangers. Though I did call the financing department of a dealership once to let them know that they called the wrong number.  And another time I called back an old lady that was trying to get a company to stop charging her.  In both cases, I figured they’d want to know that they’d left messages that wouldn’t be received by the party they wanted to reach.

I remember during my pre-wedding days in Vegas with my friends before the actual wedding day.  I was trying to call my friend’s cell, but I apparently had the number wrong (and might have accidentally, if not drunkenly, called a couple of times during my 5-day stay)….

Me: Hi, is Matt there?

Her: Who is this? (in a rude tone)

Me: It’s Kat, may I speak to Matt?

Her: Who are you?

Me: Um, is this 555-5555?

Her: Who are you?

Me: Is Matt there?

Her: Tell me who you are.

Me: Um, I’m looking for my friend Matt, is this 555-5555?

No: Who are you and how did you get this number?

Me: Sorry, this must be the wrong number *click*

Not that I’d know if it was the right or wrong number since she wouldn’t answer the simple question of 1) if there was indeed a Matt there and 2) if I had actually dialed the right number (turns out I forgot the area code…did I mention this was mere days before my wedding and alcohol might have been involved?!?!).  But really, what was with the attitude?  I couldn’t be calling for her man if his name wasn’t Matt (and I’m assuming it wasn’t since she didn’t react to the name itself).  And honestly, do you need to know who I am and how I got your number if 1) I’m not calling for you or anyone at your number, 2) I was obviously a wrong number and 3) if she had caller ID she could see that it was an out of area call?  People are just weird with their phones.

So how do you handle wrong numbers? Do you just hang up on them (as the caller or the receiver)?  Do you apologize?  Do you try to track down any missed calls that didn’t leave a message?  What’s the scoop?

Post Wedding Festivities with Dad

My life was thrown for a bit of a loop late yesterday. I’m hoping that things will work out for the best, but really, my hands are tied and there’s nothing that I could do to change anything. I’ll find out more this evening, and then I’ll figure out how best to deal with it.

I’m choosing to keep things positive, so here’s a photo of my dad and I after the wedding reception (and in both of our cases, lots of alcohol) before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Consider Me Appalled

We were just now driving back from dinner with a friend (Don Cuco’s in Tolouca Lake – yum!) and you’ll never guess what I heard on the radio. No, not Christmas music – though I am looking forward to that. No, it was Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant! I couldn’t believe my ears.

Why was I appalled you ask? Well, you see, it’s not yet Thanksgiving. It was a mere 11:00pm. Huh, you say. Well, Alice’s Restaurant is said to be based on a true story that occurred on Thanksgiving Day in 1965. It was basically your typical (if 18 minutes would ever be considered “typical”) anti-Vietnam war type of song complete with sing-a-long – the song’s storyline can be found here at Wikipedia. Traditionally, the song is only played (and annually played) at some point on Thanksgiving Day.

Seems the uber* annoying pot-head, Jim Ladd over at KLOS (with the annoying flash website) has his own version of the tradition. He seems to feel that since he doesn’t work on Thanksgiving, that the eve of Thanksgiving is well, good enough and therefore playing by the rules. I’m sorry, but you don’t fuck with tradition like that.

Hell, lay off the pot and at least wait another hour play it at midnight stoner-boy, the show’s on until fucking 2:00AM!!!! So yeah, this might seem silly, but some traditions just don’t need to be fucked with and I’m just a bit both bothered and yeah, appalled by this.

*Hey wordpress folks, where are those damn language symbols in spell check?

I Learn Something New Every Day

I came in here to write about what I dumb ass I was not all too long ago – always a good topic.  I’ll admit it, I thought that Banff National Park was in British Columbia.  Funny thing, I just now learned that while it is most definitely NOT in British Columbia, it is exactly where I thought it was (in the Canadian Rockies) and does indeed border British Columbia.  And to think, someone found this amusing enough to laugh about (and I’m sure I’m opening myself up for more laughter still).

Sadly I just fall into the generalization of yet another one of those damn Americans that doesn’t anything about the rest of the world.    Though to be honest, it does make me wonder why we learn all about Europe, yet nothing about Canada or Mexico while in school.  Then again I’m just not the type to try to make someone feel stupid because they didn’t know that Kansas City is in Missouri or that Texarkana is in both Texas and Arkansas.

But I always was about the teachable moment.  Of course, I’m sure that won’t stop some folks from still thinking me a dumb ass for not knowing my Canadian provinces, but who am I to judge.  A humbling experience though it wasn’t.  Ah well, live and learn; and learn I did.