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Just ONE Lipstick? Seriously?!?!

A while back I was watching an episode of Monk.  On this episode, the serial killer would always take his victim’s one lipstick.  The whole time I was watching this (and now, months later) I can’t get over the one lipstick thing.

lipstick on lipsI don’t know about you, but I have a bit of a lip product addiction.  I have a lip balm hidden in nearly every room and every purse, even the ones I’m not using right now.  Then there are the glosses…I have one extra in my “concert” purse (just a wristlet that holds everything in one place – which reminds me, I need to add ear plugs to that bag) and another on the ready in my carry on bag.

In my current, every day purse I have the following lip products on hand (these will all travel from bag to bag):

  • MAC Captive Satin lipstick
  • Bobbi Brown Slopes lipstick (great color!)
  • NARS Tobago lipstick
  • Bare Escentuals Lip Savor (my all time favorite lip balm E.V.E.R. – nearly finished and discontinued *wah*)
  • Clinique Black Plum Almost Lipstick (again, great color – most like Black Honey, but this works better for me)
  • NARS Positano lip gloss
  • Bombshell dual gloss in That’s So 80’s
  • NARS Triple X clear lip gloss (this one comes and goes depending on the purse since the Bombshell also has a clear gloss)

Good Lord, now that I think about it, eight lip products (for a girl that doesn’t really wear much make up) does seem a tad bit excessive.  I’ll blame it all on the economy and the economic principal known as the Lipstick Factor (even if I’ve bought many of these before our most recent recession…shhhh).

But of course, since it’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, there are many, many other cool products that are out.  And they’re so cool and cute and well, pink, that I can rarely contain myself.  Right now, I’m eying a Shiseido Think Pink lipgloss that according to Blogdorf Goodman is hydrating like a lip balm – two for the price of one…SCORE!  Of course, the Shiseido counter at my local rinky dink Macy’s had no idea what I was talking about, so I’ll have to hit up a nicer mall.

How many lip products do you tend to carry? Am I alone in my lippie addiction love? Are you a one lipstick kind of gal? Or do you only do tinted blams or maybe glossies?  Spill…I just might discover a new product 😉

They Say You Can Never Go Home

Well, it’s that time. We leave within the hour. I told myself when I left years ago (back in ’89) that I’d never go back. Well, not exactly never, but only go back 1) if someone died and I needed to be there or 2) when my friend Matt got married and he’s the lucky bridegroom and reason for this trip this weekend!!

I have to say though, I’m getting a bit excited. Maybe it’s watching all that House which supposedly takes place in Princeton (home of my very first job!). Or maybe I’m just finally ready. Either way, look out Jersey, and my long lost, Jersey accent…’cuz you’se guys, I’m comin’ home!

Here’s hoping I won’t get too lost and thrown for a loop.

See you Tuesday (unless I get to steal some computer time from the hubs)…

It Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Appreciate Him

But I just had to throw the flowers away.  I waited until last night to tell him so he wouldn’t be surprised.  He knows that they’ve been messing with my allergies this whole time.  I just couldn’t take it any more.  So when the early blooms started dying I told him that I was going to toss them.

So sad too since they still looked so pretty.  I was tempted to just pull out the dying ones and keep the rest. But then I remembered that the mere touching of the beautiful (and the dying) flowers would likely make the allergies worse still.

But I still love him and I still appreciate my flowers.  I even have photos to remind me of just how beautiful they were.

Here’s to non-sneezy, non-teary eyed days…

Anniversary Flowers

These are the beautiful (if not overwhelmingly aromatic) lilies that the hubby bought me yesterday for our anniversary. Today, twice as many blooms are opened (making things even more aromatic still) than yesterday, and at least a good dozen flowers are still closed and not yet blooming. I’m sure by Sunday the bouquet will be amazing.

Happy Anniversary Flowers

Hmmm…I wonder if the lovely (if not overwhelming aroma) has anything to do with my allergies going insanely crazy today?

It’s Official…It’s May

It’s amazing to me how much of the year has gone by already. I mean, really, it’s May! For us, May pretty much starts the summer season. Concert season begins and vacations happens. Our anniversary starts it all off on May 1st and in my husband’s family, it’s officially the start of the birthday season (mine is in mere days)!

But there’s still so much more May madness…A few weeks ago I posted about my friend’s YouTube video trailer for their Fun With War Crimes series. Well, it’s officially launched and ready for your viewing. Enjoy!

And now, now I must go find some allergy medicine as I seem to feel like my nose is about to explode off my face from the damn tickling. And the eyes, the burning, the watering. Man, allergy season sucks. I guess it’s May afterall.

We’re pretty booked with concerts and dinners this weekend, so I probably won’t be around much. Wishing you all a Happy Weekend!

It’s Been Four Years

I have mere minutes left in this day to tell you that four years ago today my adorable, photographer, workaholic husband agreed to stand before our friends and family and make it official.  And man, what a party!  If I knew you all a little better (ha!) 😉 I’d even share the pictures from our shindig so you’d feel like you were there too (it’s a shame what what a little stalking can do to a gal *sigh*)

The funny thing, all of us, the hubs, me, our friends, all swear it’s really our fifth anniversary.  But I double checked the marriage certificate, just to be sure and nope…four years.

We stayed in for the night, nothing too crazy fancy.  I tired my hand at braised short ribs.  They were kick ass flavorful, but not nearly as tender as I was expecting considering they cooked for nearly 3 hours.  But oh well, the salad and the fixin’s were good.  And the wine…the wine was wonderful.

We didn’t really do the gifts thing.  He brought me some beautiful lilies and I picked him up the Godfather set, but nothing fancy.  And certainly nothing 4th anniversary-ish – we’ve yet to do those official anniversary gifts.  I guess we’re just goofy like that.

Happy Anniversary to Me!!  Well, to Us – but he doesn’t read this, so I guess just Me, really 😀


My husband is a big ol’ dork.  He just got out of the shower and while getting dressed decided to bump me at my desk.  I asked him what he wanted, thinking that, oh, I don’t know, he might have wanted something and he said “nothing.  I just wanted to push you.  What, you gonna go blog that now?”

Um…yeah, I think I will.  And then I’ll go do laundry.

Still Here. Still Sick.

I’m not really up for writing much now.  I’m feeling much better, but man, I’m still sick.   All I want to do is sleep.  Man, I’m so over it.   And I’m so over whining about it – which is of course, why I’m not really tempted to write much.

I have a presentation tonight that I have to go to.  If I had my choice, I wouldn’t do it.  The commute alone is an hour one way (assuming there’s no traffic – and there probably will be).  And of course, with this stupid post-nasal drip it makes talking difficult.  But it should bring me in some business and well, that’s what it’s all about.

On a totally different topic, the hubby’s birthday dinner was awesome last night.  I picked out a great Italian restaurant (Davina Cuccina).  From start to finish, everything was delicious.  The atmosphere was great, very romantic, very nice.  I took a couple of cute pictures, but thanks to the recent stalking crap, I’m just not comfortable posting.  I hate that.

And on that note, I’m going to veg out on the couch for a bit longer.  Then I’ll get ready for tonight and my commute.  Happy Thursday y’all!

We Have My Wedding Ring!!

Not that I was hoping for a new one or anything (heck, I barely wear this one), but was a part of me thinking an upgrade would be nice. Shameless, I know. But really, the landlord just laughed and said it happens. I just needed to clarify that while I did actually throw it down the sink, I wasn’t intending for it to go down into the pipes.

I was actually trying to put it someplace safe (ha!) and threw it over the glass doors knowing it would land in the sink. Too bad I forgot until a couple of hours later that we don’t have our drain covered! So yep, down the drain and into the elbow it went. I’m sure if I wasn’t so sick and therefore halfway out of it, I’d probably have been fuming, cursing mad. But hey, it happens. The hubs misplaced his a while back too (when he dad was in the hospital with cancer) so now we’re even. So to speak.

And yes, I’m sick. Again. I was so proud of myself for not getting my husband sick those four weeks I had the sinus infection. Of course, he can back from SXSW with a cold. And of course, my body said “what fun!” and turned it into yet another sinus infection. Joy of joys!

We’re trying a different antibiotic this round since it had only been a week and a half since my last two and a half weeks worth of meds. Here’s hoping this round kicks it out ASAP. ‘Cuz let me tell you, I’m sick of being sick dammit! And tonight I have a LWL meeting that I’m really hoping I’ll feel better for. Until then, it’s nap time!

Domesticated Diva? Maybe (or not)

Maybe not.  I mean, I just cleaned my keyboard and you’d be shocked to see the amount of crap that fell out – does that count?  How ’bout two runs to Costco in two days?  Um, what about buying curtain rods over at Ikea?

No? Well I feel domesticated.   But maybe that’s just because I played a rousing game of Bunco (and won!!) last night.  Then again, I’m just having a little fun spending my husband’s raise.  Of course, he might see it in quite the same light.  But hey, I have my first paying client today so it’s not like I don’t bring in my own money, right?  It’s a start at least.

I can’t believe I missed Wordless Wednesday, again.  Maybe I should just add it to my calendar so I get a reminder.

Well, I guess that’s it for me today.   Happy Thursday!