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My House is Just Too Quiet


A couple weeks back, my favorite radio station changed format.  They went from non-sucky, non-screaming, totally hillarious talk radio and turned into yet another crappy ass, Top 40 station.  Around that time, I moved my radio from where it was in the kitchen, around to the otherside of the apartment – I figured I wouldn’t be listeming as much, so why did I need it nearby now.  So basically, without my favorite day time radio show and without my radio nearby, things have just been too damn quiet.

Now I know what you’re thinking…why can’t I just listen to music onlilne?  I could.  I guess.  Thing is, I like to have multiple tabs open on my computer.  This means I tend to suck up my computer’s whatevers.  Add to that keeping my Tweetdeck open and active and well, I tell myself that I’ll somehow manage to bog my computer down so much that it will be super slooooooow.  Yet in reality, I know that’s so not the case.

Of course, since the hubs is away this week at SXSW listening to, recording and shooting a gazillion bands, it’s even quieter still.  The only regular sound we’ve got going here is the non-stop dog barking (oh my god, he’s going to kill me if he can’t get quiet and stop barking at the neighbor’s dogs).  And well, between the silence and the non-stop barking, I think it’s becoming just too much for this poor soul to take.

Thank goodness I’ll be heading out shortly for cupcakes.  I love MeetUps and I love cupcakes.  That will give me some time away.  I’m just ready for the hubby to get back home tomorrow.

And now in honor of this very post, I’ve opened up el iTunes and I’m jamming to some ABBA.  Much better! Not so quiet now…The winner takes it all….

It’s the Living in Limbo that Gets to Me

Off hand, I don’t recall if I mentioned it here or not, but I applied for a part-time teaching gig.  It was totally up my alley using all my past life skills: teaching, working with the developmentally disabled and computer and social media skills.  I had the interview on Friday and accepted it later that evening.

Before I sent the email acceptance (the interviewer told me to email), I decided to do a quick calendar check to make sure I didn’t have any major conflicts.  Well, turns out I had two. One in early April for the hub’s birthday, a quick drive up to San Jose and the Springsteen show.  The other is a speaking gig that I have down in Costa Mesa in early June.  I left the gal know that other than these two incidents, I was completely and fully available for the entire semester and would gladly accept the job.

Then came Monday.  She wrote back saying that she’s not sure she can give the job to someone that has to miss two days (mind you, it wasn’t asked at any time during the interview if I would be 100% available to attend every class).  Sounds like a silly thing, but the April date is only the second day of class and the June date is during finals, so I can see her point.  On the other hand, they’re hiring a week and a half before classes start and I think it’s a bit insane to think that someone, anyone won’t need a day off or get sick during the next three months.

While it’s painful, I told her that I would be willing to skip the April trip (and the incurring costs – which far exceed the salary). But since I’m one of the featured speakers for the event in June (an event that I booked months ago, months in advance) that it would be unprofessional to skip that event and I couldn’t do it.  Hopefully, she’ll see my willingness to commit to the job and she’ll acknowledge that while it might seem like a big deal, it really wouldn’t be and still let me take the job.

If it wasn’t through UCLA, I don’t think I’d want it as badly.  Thing is, this a not only a great opportunity for me, but it’s also something that I’d be good at and something I’m more than qualified to do.  Really, something I want to do.  A huge part of me misses teaching.

But this limbo, this waiting…it’s killing me.  I can’t schedule client appointments because I don’t know when I’ll need to head to campus to fill out my paperwork or when I’ll need to attend a meeting with the team or my co-teacher.  Same thing with other appointments.  I guess I can just schedule them for non-teaching days, but it just feels weird and that still won’t guarantee that I’d be available for a team meeting.  I also feel weird that I was so exciting and blabbed about it to friends and well, now there’s a possibility that it might not happen this semester – but could still happen next semester.

Life in limbo is tough on a gal.  Doesn’t help that I also dropped the hubby off at the airport earlier today for his SXSW trip.  I won’t be talking to him much while he’s gone since his day will be filled recording the acoustic sessions and his nights will be filled up with his shooting the bands during performances.  I look forward to when it’s all over though since I get a few days with him before he heads back to work.  Though there is still that possibility that he may be away again without me for the Bruce show.  Ugh, who knew a potential part-time, 3-hour job could create so much indecision and change.

Either way, please think some positive thoughts and send some good mojo my way.  Totally unrelated, but still very important…I have a new briefcase to break in!!

Valentine’s Day Schmalentine’s Day

I meant to write this post on Saturday, you know, Valentine’s Day, but um…well, I didn’t.  Well, then I mean to write it on Sunday and well, that didn’t happen either.  Then I came into the office about two hours ago saying to my husband “I’m going to blog now” and well, found other things to do for two hours (damn that Facebook!). And just now, I stopped in the middle of this post and decided to do some software upgrades on my computer – yeah, I’m motivated to write this.

So here it is, my post-Valentine’s Day rant – seems a bit anticlimactic now, but whatever…

I have decried that hence forth, Valentine’s day will no longer be celebrated in our household.  Granted, we never id much for the “holiday” anyway.  In fact, I think our one and only big Valentine’s celebration was our first one together here in LA (the hubs went all out…roses, dinner and a spa package).  We’ve never really done anything since.  I’ve opted instead to stay in and cook a nice meal.  Of course, nearly every year, that “nice meal” experience has driven me crazy…beyond crazy even!

You see, we have a teeny, tiny kitchen with no more counter space than the size of a toaster oven.  Up until recently, we didn’t even have an oven that worked properly.  Well, this year, thanks to our brand new, gotta love it, oven, I decided it would be the PERFECT time to roast my very first chicken.  I figured how hard could it really be, it goes in a pan and I just sit back while it cooked.  I figured I’d roast some potatoes alongside and make some asparagus for the veggies.  Easy peasy, right?

Well, turns out this was NOT the case.

While my chicken did indeed turn out quite lovely (and allowed me to cross it off my 101 in 1001 list), it was a major hassle.  First and foremost, if they can take off all the feathers and take the time to remove the head, why oh WHY can’t they also remove the innards?  That was just gross!  I did it though and then proceeded to stuff the cavity with oranges, lemons and some fresh herbs.  Too bad our apartment was conspiring against me.

My smoke detecter went off and on and off (due to it’s lousy location – hello heat rises, maybe putting it directly in the straight away path of the oven wasn’t the best idea) the entire time the chicken was roasting.  That’s an hour and a half for those of you keeping track!  Both the dog and the cat were freaking it.  I did everything I could, moved in fans, opened all the doors and windows (thank God it was in the low 60’s), but we weren’t spared.  The hubs finally figured something out and suggested we hang something in the doorway to blog the heat (or at least slow it down) as it passed from the kitchen into the hall.

On top of all that noise, the potatoes burned (which was my fault because they were too close to the heat…whatever). Then because of the fans, the water never came to its second boild once I dropped in the asparagus so they were mushy.  So yeah, our “romantic” dinner was basically just chicken.  And to be honest, while it was good, it’s not something that I ever plan to repeat again until we get into a real house with a real stove with a properly ventilated kitchen. It just wasn’t worth it.

Luckily, my darlinng husband, seeing how stressed I was offered to take me out to dinner instead (but I said Hell No! wanting to avoid the crowds and the pricey meals) or to at least pick up some dessert.  Since the dessert was taken care of thanks to the lovely (and so very helpful) Trader Joe’s, I told him it wasn’t necessary.  But being the prince of a guy that he is, he promised to take me out to a nice brunch on Sunday to make up for it.

Thing is, I can’t believe I put so much pressure on myself for a silly, made-up holiday that we pretty much don’t even celebrate to begin with.  At least I knew better than to get caught up in the whole Valentine’s Day hubbub of gift and flowers thing.  We let that one go after that first year. Next year, it’s pizza or take out all the way baby! I just don’t know how some of you are able to make such amazingly fantastic meals without going crazy!

Now I just have to remember the promise I made to myself…I won’t freak out over birthdays and anniversaries and try to make something fantabulous again.  Well, until we can get ourselves into a decent kitchen anyway. I’ll either stick with something I know and can easily whip together or I let someone else do the cooking for me.  Just be sure to remind me of this fiasco next month when I take on the hubster’s birthday dinner.

So how about you, how was your Valentine’s Day?  Just another day or did you succeed with the fantastic dinner?  Any suggestions on how to take the more laid back approach?

The Shopping Moratorium Has Ended

Image by ME! via Flickr

Well, not really.  But kinda.  Once we realized that the fraudulent charges were dropped, it eased things up a bit.  Not that I’m going to head out to pick up that new $300 purse (heck, I’m turning down a trip to the outlets this weekend), but I have done a little shopping.

Since I haven’t had much luck finding dresses, I picked up a pair of black slacks yesterday at Kohl’s.  Of course, they were on sale, not crazy discounted, just on sale. They’ll do nicely though…once I find a pair of casual, but comfortable heels, that is.

Then today I was reminded that the hubs needs new jeans. In the past couple of months, he’s had to retire about three pairs of his jeans due to rips in the legs (so odd, that all three had the same rip in the same spot).  Silly me, I never did get around to replacing them.  Of course, once we ready a certain point (hello laundry day I’m talking about you!) we remember about the need to replace those retired, holey jeans.  So off to Penny’s I went.

I didn’t have much luck (plus I was confused as to which size since he has two different sizes he’s been wearing). I picked up one pair in each size, but since they weren’t the same brand, only one was on sale and the other full price. I’m thinking that once he gets home and confirms the sizes, I’m just going to do an online order somewhere. 

While I was at Penny’s I checked out the sale racks for myself.  Wow, they’ve got some crazy markdowns going on.  I picked up a cute wrap sweater in black (will be great for travel and summer concerts), a pair of black pigmented dressy jeans (you know, not black jeans, but black trouser-jeans), and a long-sleeve, faux-wrap shirt.  Great stuff for oh, less than $10 each (except the sweater, that was only half price).  Those jeans were originally $50 and I got them for $8.97!  Score!

I also headed back to Sephora to return that Stila lipstick I bought as part of the Great Lipstick Hunt ’09 and a couple of other things I recently bought but realized I didn’t need.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy un-shopping as much as shopping sometimes.  I did pick up this cute Eco Eyes set from Tarte – I figured with what I returning, it was only about $20 for about $109 worth of product.  Another score, right? Plus it came with a full-size mascara and well, we know that I’m still in the middle of the Great Mascara Hunt ’09.  And to be honest, I think that eyelash curler works better than my coveted Shu Uemura which has really been letting me down lately. I wonder if this one will trigger my luggage getting searched (I only seem to get searched when I bring my  lash curler with me).

So when I order the hubs some jeans tonight, I might also order myself a dress or two (there are a couple I’ve been eying on Old Navy clearance).  But then I just need to stop.  After all, there’s that 5th anniversary- 40th birthday trip we’re saving for in May! 😉

It’s Christmas Eve and I Just Got Back From the Grocery Store

And yes, it was pure insanity.  Luckily, I prepared myself for the grumpy crowds and just soared above in my bliss.  Well okay, it might not have been bliss per se, but it was definitely not bah humbuggedness.  I often wonder who is crazy enough to do their holiday food shopping the day before.  Now I know, frantic people who buy up all the bread, lots of soda and alcohol and like to bump into people.

Yeah, yeah, I know I was there too.  The difference being, I knew I’d be there since I just kept putting off figuring out what I wanted to make for our Christmas contribution.  Of course, it doesn’t help that as of Monday the in-laws still hadn’t decided who was hosting Christmas or what time it would be, let alone what everyone should bring.  It also doesn’t help that I can’t have fun cooking and baking for the in-laws – if they don’t recognize it, they won’t eat it.

So once agian I’ll be making the cornbread casserole, along with a salad with “recognizable” lettuce and salad dressing (who knew greens with gorganzola, sugared pecans and cranberries with a cranberry vinagrette would be too strange *sigh*) and a tres leches cake.  I also picked up a spinach dip and some spreadable cheese for some appies (or for the hubs and I at home if it turns out to be too weird like the baked brie…again, *sigh*).  I also picked up some shrimp for he hubs and I to nibble on once the family gig is over and we’re home.

Tomorrow will be quite mellow for Case de LA Blogger Gal.  Since we had our Ireland trip last month, we won’t be exchanging any gifts here at home.  My dearest friend, who I typically “celebrate” Christmas with (across the miles as she’s still in NM) didn’t manage to get her gifts out this year yet, so nothing from her.  And we excanged gifts with our other good friend last night.  So we’ll just be chilling out tomorrow before heading over to the in-laws where we’ll get a gift or two to open.  Then back home to just hang out…oooh, we can have our shrimp with some proseco I’ve got chilled (or with some Jameson and Gingerale) while watching season 3 of Weeds.  Sounds like a plan!

And now, I guess it’s about time to wrap the gifts.  I think I’m going to follow Katelin’s brilliant suggestion and pop Love Actually into the DVD player.  What better movie to wrap to!

Wishing you all a happy & safe holiday!!

Making the Christmas Cookies

Will someone kindly tell my cat (and his partner in crime, the dog) that cats do not like raw chocolate chip cookie dough? Please.  He’s driving me nuts.  Everything I get my hands in the batter to drop the cookies, he comes running into the kitchen meowing up a storm (all while the dog is at my feet begging and praying for me to drop the entire bowl).

Maybe it’s the cat’s fault for my overly flat cookies.flat-cookies Or it could just be because I forgot to add half the flour.  See, all that Food Network TV has paid off…I know that flat cookies = too little flour.  Who needs that Masters degree?!?!  Worse case, we crumble them up into ice cream.  All is good.

I’m also planning to whip up some cranberry oatmeal cookies for the hubs.  Then again, I don’t have enough sugar or butter, so I must head out to the grocery store first.  Technically, I must finish baking the chocolate chip cookies first,  seems as how I can’t trust the hubs to keep an eye on them, even with a timer, while he’s prancing strutting around playing his guitar – I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

So what holiday cookies are on your list this season?


not-so-flat-cookiesEDITED TO ADD:  Much better since I added the extra flour

‘Tis the Season For Holiday Parties

I never really got to experience the mythical Holiday Office Party.  When I was a young’un, I worked in retail and well, that’s the busiest time of the year so no holiday party for you!  When I was a teacher, the official holiday party was held during the school day, in the library – not the most exciting, I assure you.  As a therapist, well, that’s pretty solo-oriented, though our boss did take us out for a holiday lunch each year.  Then when I worked as a behavior therapist here in LA, our owner hosted a totally lame, mid-day party one year and nothing the second year (we the staff arranged a pot luck ourselves – and then the wife pitched a fit because we didn’t invite her…whatever!)

Since I left that last job, I’ve been working on my own from home (I hear some folks call that freelancing – LOL).  I belong to a couple organizations, so I always had a few chick-focused parties to attend without the hubby.  But still, I never really got to attend a real live office party.  This year, seven years with my husband, I’m finally invited to his office party.  It’s at the Roosevelt and totally classy. I’m so excited.

Yeah, too bad he decided the other night that we’re not going this year afterall *grr*

He’s shooting the Los Lobos show and can’t attend both the party and the show.  So of course, since Los Lobos is one my husband’s favorite bands (and one of my least favorite live concert experiences EVER – that I will never repeat, no matter how much you pay me) he’s decided that my very first office party (at.the.Roosevelt.) just isn’t as important as shooting the show.

Now instead, I get to sit at home, eat frozen food (or delivery) and entertain myself.  Talk about lame!  At least we got to go to the New West Records party last night.  I must say, it was quite cool.  Much cooler than some recording studio party we went to a few years back.  They’ve got this great space, kind of a cross between a loft and a garage and they really went out.  We had delicious wine and passed hor d’oeurves (no Hooters wings at this place – I told you that recording studio party from a few years back was lame!).  Of course, passed hor d’oeurves does not a dinner make, so we headed on over to Kate Mandililni’s for dinner afterwards.  Overall, it was a fun evening with the husband.  Especially knowing that it would be our only holiday party together this year.

So tell me, what is this mythical holiday office party really like?  Is it as cool as they make it look in movies?  Or am I really not missing anything afterall?

I’m Done Driving in Ireland

Seriously. We got lost again in Dublin. We got lost trying to find our way to Temple Bar, the area where our hotel was. We got stuck in some major rush hour traffic (one roundabout took nearly 20 minutes itself – the first time we went through and yes, that means we went through it more than once looking for the road we needed). Then we got really, really lost just trying to find our way around the streets to get to the hotel itself.

Let’s face, Dublin streets have been around since the Medieval age (not counting all that druid, celtic and earlier stuff), what would make anyone think that they’d make any sort of sense. One ways changing direction. Streets that look like alleys (or one ways) that turn out their regular streets. Areas closed down to traffic. You name it. Luckily, here in Dublin we don’t really the car until we head to Belfast. Even then, the hubs is driving as I’m done with the driving and the traffic and the construction. I’ll let him take over and try my hand at navigating. I will miss those roundabouts though.

No photos today. We took some as we were driving from Galway to Dublin, but they’re taking forever to load into Flickr. So until they get up there, I’m going to crash. Man, I feel sleepy today – could be those Jameson & Ginger Ales (yum!) Now that I’m not driving, I can finally have a drink or two 😉

No Castles or Forts Yet to be Seen

Well, that’s not entirely honest.  We did see a castle, or at least the outline of a castle in the dark of the rainy, evening sky as we drove to Galway.  We were also near a castle or two in Killarney – again, while in the rain, as evening was quickly approaching.  I do have it on good authority, that there is a castle a short (ha!) drive out of Dublin that we can visit easily.

Let me just say, I knew that it would be rainy in November.  I knew that the day would be shorter in November.  But I didn’t realize until we looked it up last night that sunrise is 8:30ish and sunset is 3:45ish.  Um…that’s only about eight hours.  Now add in some rain…okay a LOT of rain…and the day is shorter still.  No wonder we’re not able to see all that much.  We’re typically back at the room around 6:30 or so with a short nap and then out to dinner and the pub around 9:30 or so.  So yeah, the moral of the story, no castles and ruins for us yet.  But there’s always tomorrow (and the next four days in Dublin and Belfast).

Of course, it didn’t help that the hubs seems to have come down with a pretty nasty cold (and to think, we thought I’d be the one to catch something that would turn into an infection of sorts).  So basically, we spent today in the room.  We did venture out to visit the pharmachemist to get some cold/flu meds and then some fish and chips for lunch.  But otherwise, I’ve just been reading and forcing the hubs to inhale EmergenC and ginger tea.

Interestingly enough, he’s not complaining about the vacation.  I guess to him, as long as he gets some good music, good drinks (be it beer or his new sickly favorite, hot whisky), good food, and time to just relax away from the office it’s a good vacation for him.

On that note, I’m off to my next book while the hubs naps some more.  Poor guy, he was up half the night tossing and turning.

Enjoying a Cuppa in Kinsale

We just finished our first Irish breakfast.  I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, so eggs and meats doesn’t really do all that much for me.  Instead, I’m inhaling the pot of tea.  Our hostess just left for an appointment but will be back shortly to send us on our way to Middleton (for whisky) and Cobh (for a little history).  Otherwise, we’re just planning to drive around to see what we see.

We did pretty well sleep wise – which was great since we barely slept on the plane.  We took about an hour and a half nap once we settled into the B&B.  So sleep went well last night until we got text messages at 4:00AM from our friend Mel (who we’ll be meeting up with in Dublin this weekend). She was checking in on our cat and wanted to let us know how he was doing.  We started tossing and turning and decided to take half an ambien to finish out the night.

The hubs still has some work to do each day.  Go figure.  The good news…he was finally able to finish his big project. Now he has to work on some contest stuff with Taylor Swift’s people (and yes, everyone knows he’s on vacation and yes, I know I married a workaholic – I got a workfree honeymoon, so I don’t complain).

Believe it or not, this is the reason I brought my own laptop.  I figure I’d have to do something to entertain myself from time to time.  Plus I wanted to be able to upload my own photos each day.  He’s being good though and promises that it will only be a couple of hours each day (which he’s breaking up between AM & PM).

Once the photos import (I’m doing that now), I’ll post up a few for ya.  By the time we settled into Kinsale, it was already early evening, so there aren’t anyphotos of the area. There are some nightshots of the city centre, but they don’t look like much.

Until then…I’m off to shower and start our day. And maybe find some more tea since I’ve emptied the pot!

There she sits waiting for us…

That’s Ireland down there!

Herbie was going to be in Ireland?? Why didn’t anyone tell us – LOL (we see him Tues)…

Attention!!! Drive on the leftside, dumbass! (I so need this reminder). Driving straight is easy, roundabouts are fine, turns in and out onto the street kill me!